Recline and tilt, lift functions. What power wheelchair manufacturers What are some of them?

Recline and tilt, lift functions. What power wheelchair manufacturers What are some of them LIFE
Recline and tilt, lift functions. What power wheelchair manufacturers What are some of them

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What wheelchair manufacturers do you know?

In addition to the WHILL and YAMAHA electric wheelchairs introduced so far, in the last issue we introduced the manufacturers of both manual and electric wheelchairs and the fully electric wheelchair “Permobil”.

The International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (HCR) is held at Tokyo Big Sight, and wheelchair users visit the event to find a wheelchair vendor that suits their needs and to use it as a reference when purchasing a wheelchair.


So, in this issue, we would like to introduce “other electric wheelchair manufacturers that our followers have told us about” that you have been wanting to know about.


I’m wondering what power wheelchair manufacturers are out there. Thanks so much to everyone who answered. Here are some power wheelchair manufacturers that have reclining, tilt, and lift features.


I’m very interested in the lift feature because there are some things I can’t get out of the line of sight of most wheelchairs. Please let me know!

Can I try out a power wheelchair before I buy?

Please note that the cost is not to rent, but to have a vendor bring you a power wheelchair and let you ride it around or inside your house, and some places offer free rides, while others charge a fee.

However, recently, if there is a campaign posted on Instagram or on the website during the trial period, you may be able to ride for free for a limited time.

Other times, they can try it out at HCR’s events where they hold exhibitions every year.

Usa-chan summarizes electric wheelchair


Swedish-born wheelchair manufacturer


It is one of the most expensive electric wheelchairs, with a price tag of 3.6 million yen and up! (T_T)

Permobil, a new type of electric wheelchair that can compensate for disabilities through the power of technology is wonderful.

Click on the following page for a product introduction.


middle wheel drive

M3 Corpus

The seat moves up and down, and the wheelchair can be laid down like a bed.


(Compatible with the prosthetic device payment system)

The use of a tilt makes it possible to distribute the load on the hips and lower back, and reduces fatigue even when riding all day long.

Act More M1

(Compatible with long-term care insurance system)

The M1 medium wheel drive electric wheelchair with Comfort Company brand head support, back support and cushion is a limited model wheelchair from Frontier Inc.

Front-wheel drive


(Without standing model)

(F5VS (Standing model)

F3 Corpus

The global market share and industry ranking of Wheelchair Manufacturers is

According to the global market share and industry ranking of wheelchair manufacturers (2020), rank Wheelchair manufacturers 2020 market share
1 Ott-Bock 42.9
No. 2 Sunrise Medical 19.3
No. 3 Permobil 16.7

The figures are as follows.

Recently, manual wheelchairs can be converted to electric types, and

Saijo Kobo

6-wheel electric wheelchair “REL” REL Mini

有限会社さいとう工房 | 6輪型電動車いす「レル」さいとう工房

They say that this wheelchair will make things happen that did not come true.


※The word “Reru” means “to do” what you have given up on, or “to make it happen” what you could not make happen, etc,
It is also a perfect name to symbolize the expansion of possibilities!

What is it?

There are three main types.


Reclining for when you are tired

The reclining and REL mechanism and optional foot elevation can be used to create a lying position on the bed.

(The REL light allows for a fully flat position.)


I’m a long distance commuter and would love to have one. Sitting in the same position all the time is really painful. I can’t believe it has a function that allows me to lie down on the bed. A dream of a dream!


Tilt that can distribute the pressure resistance of the body.

You can change the angle of the seat and the height of the legs.

It is also possible to tilt the seat backward while maintaining the angle of the back and seat.

This is useful when you want to rest your body or change the way pressure is applied to your body.

It is safe to ride downhill and can be used to enter a low table, or to lean forward to eat or wash your face.


Lift function to reach high places

The user will be able to raise and lower the seat.

It will be easier to pick up items placed in high places, such as refrigerators and items in closets, which could not be seen before.


I am very thankful for my short stature. For example, I wish I could ride it because I was having trouble getting something high up in the store.

Mini EX

Lift, Tilt & Recline

Mini T-R

Tilt & Recline

Mini L-R

Lift & Recline

Please see the PDF below for images of specific wheelchairs.


  1. Increased independence: Lelmini electric wheelchairs are equipped with an electric drive system that eliminates the need for the patient to manually push the wheelchair. This increases the patient’s independence and freedom of movement.
  2. Reduced effort: The electric wheelchair is driven by a motor, eliminating the need for the patient to push the wheelchair. This makes everyday transfers and outings easier for people with limited strength and muscle power.
  3. Ease of long-distance mobility: The electric wheelchair is battery-powered, allowing the patient to travel long distances and within the facility without tiring the wheelchair.
  4. Ease of operation: Lermini electric wheelchairs are equipped with a user-friendly control panel that is relatively easy to operate. The user can operate it while sitting in the seat.


  1. Weight and Size: Electric wheelchairs tend to be heavier than manual wheelchairs because of the motor and battery. They can also be larger. This can make them more difficult to handle and mount in a vehicle.
  2. Battery limitations: Electric wheelchairs have limited battery life and capacity. Prolonged or frequent use may require the batteries to be recharged. Recharging time should also be considered.
  3. Maintenance and Repair: Electric wheelchairs have complex mechanisms that may require maintenance and repair. This requires specialized knowledge and skills, and the cost of repairs and maintenance should be considered.

When cooking or taking things from the refrigerator, there was inevitably a barrier of not being able to see or take things from high places (e.g., not being able to see pots and pans, or not being able to take things from the refrigerator) because you are too short in an ordinary wheelchair.

Please check out our website for videos showing the various functions.

It is an electric wheelchair, but you can switch to manual operation by turning a lever.

I heard that it will be exhibited at HCR’s 50th anniversary this year, so I would like to try it if I can experience a test ride.


In addition to electric wheelchairs, the company offers prosthetic limbs, walking aids, mobility equipment, and nursing care equipment.

For electric wheelchairs, there are standard type, electric tilt standard type, electric lift standard type, electric reclining/tilting standard type, etc.


EMC-960/970 Active Chair|電動車いす|製品紹介 | 株式会社今仙技術研究所
電動車いす「EMC-960/970 Active Chair」の製品情報を掲載しています。機能性・操作性・安全性、使われる方の身になって設計しました。

The mileage is 30 km, which is great because of the distance.

Electric tilt type normal type

EMC-260T/270T|電動車いす|製品紹介 | 株式会社今仙技術研究所

The tilt angle can be infinitely adjusted from 4° to 50° relative to the floor.

If a manual recliner is added as an option, the recline angle can be adjusted from 90° to 130° relative to the seat seat.

The seat seat moves for those who have difficulty staying in the same position.

Electric lift type normal type

The seat moves up, down, left, and right, which greatly changes the eye level and gives me more freedom.

The driving range is 30 km, which is great for those who travel long distances.

As for prosthetic legs, we handle everything from daily use to sports use


Showa Boeki is in charge of power wheelchairs for Invacare, a comprehensive welfare equipment manufacturer.

電動車いす専用ページ | 昭和貿易株式会社

Invacare (U.S.A. and Germany) is a manufacturer specializing in assistive devices used around the world.

The prices listed on their website were as high as 1 million and up.


The following is a summary of common features of the electric wheelchairs introduced here.

recliningA wheelchair can lie down like a bed.
tiltThe angle of the seat can be changed, as can the height of the legs.
liftThe seat moves up and down so that high objects can be taken.
Common features of the electric wheelchairs introduced in this article

Some wheelchair manufacturers offer pamphlets with prices and other information, which you can request through “Contact Us”, so please check with the wheelchair manufacturer you are interested in.

This time, we mainly introduced electric wheelchairs. One of the most famous electric wheelchairs is the “Permobility,” but if the price is high and the functionality is not much different, then some of the wheelchair manufacturers introduced in this article may be fine.

I also learned about many wheelchair manufacturers for the first time from my social networking followers.

Thank you to everyone who told me about them.

Have you learned about other wheelchair manufacturers?

We hope you too can choose the wheelchair that is right for you.

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