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Recommended photo spots in Umihotaru

Here are my recommendations for the most spectacular photo spots in the Umihotaru parking area. The blue ocean was especially beautiful from every angle. I summarized the barrier-free status of Umihotaru from outside and inside. The view from outside of Tokyo Bay Aqualine was also wonderful.

【Poikatsu】Easy money earning

This is an explanation of poikatsu, a popular way to earn pocket money in this era of rising prices. There are various types of poikatsu, but we will write about what kind of sites are available, which ones are recommended, and how to use them, focusing on those called "point sites”.

【Found in Chiba, Japan】Interesting and unusual handkerchief vending machine

Jill stuart's handkerchief vending machine is so cute and stylish! I bought a handkerchief with a cat pattern. I would like to introduce this vending machine, which was wonderful because the buttons can be reached by wheelchair users, and it is IC card compatible and contactless.

【Umihotaru PA】One-day driving tour from Kisarazu, Chiba

This is a summary of the Umihotaru Parking Area on the Tokyo Bay Aqualine, a recommended sightseeing spot in Chiba Prefecture where visitors with disabilities can go out.

【IERIHA】recommended rehab apps

the installation of the app, how to use it, and the rehabilitation menu, based on my experience with "IERIHA,"

Banner, key colors and member introductions #disabilitylog

DisabilityLog banner, universal sign language (hand signs), where the banner is used (Twitter, appeal area), key colors

Art white’s self-introduction #disabilitylog

23 year old boy, from Mexico Guanajuato. 3d artist, graphic design, traditional digital drawing, photo and video editing

Riii’s self-introduction #disabilitylog

Riii, planning and web marketing for DisabilityLog! I am an able-bodied person, but when my grandfather had a stroke,

Usa’s self-introduction #disabilitylog

Usa-chan, a wheelchair x beauty from DisabilityLog who is a wheelchair user and likes to send out SNS messages.