Banner, key colors and member introductions #disabilitylog

Banner and key colors and member PROFILE
Banner and key colors and member

Hello everyone.

This is DisabilityLog, bringing you information that people with disabilities and their caregivers can enjoy together.

Finally, we’ve had the blog up and running for almost a month now!

From the previous posts, we hope you have gained a better understanding of DisabilityLog, including an overview of the organization, the members themselves, and what kind of members this organization was founded with.

The main theme of this issue is about banners and key colors.

Also, we have a new, foreign friend who wants to join us as a member!

We’re so happy!!! Thank you!!!

So, I would like to introduce our members again, including new members.

DisabilityLog banner

The DisabilityLog banner is a It is a narrow image in the header section of the official Twitter page.

The color is gold and gorgeous!

DisabilityLog アピールエリア WebP
DisabilityLog Appeal Area WebP

The images were converted to WebP and kept their clean image quality while We have tried to lighten the file size.

It reads “weppi” and the extension is displayed as “.webp”.

*WebP…An image format that combines the strengths of JPEG, PNG, GIF, and each.

Universal Sign Language Signs

手話 I Love You

sign language I Love You

Sign language sign used worldwide, meaning “I LOVE YOU”.

The “I” sign with the pinky up, the “L” sign with the thumb and index finger up, the “Y” sign with the thumb and pinky up, and the “Y” sign with the pinky down.
In summary, it is the sign for “I LOVE YOU”.

Hand signs of different colors

Even if you cannot communicate with each other in words, you can express yourself in a wonderful way with one hand sign.

DisabilityLog aims to be a blog that is loved by people around the world, not only those with physical disabilities (wheelchairs) but also those with hearing and visual impairments, and we hope that we can interact and support each other regardless of disabilities (barriers).

With this in mind, we have included this sign on the banner.

If you look closely, you can see a slight gradation.

Like the rainbow, every person has a bright future.

We also hope to provide a story, like a colorful one filled with wonderful words, that will make you notice.

DisabilityLog Official Twitter

DisabilityLog has an official Twitter feed called @disabilitylog

DisabilityLog 公式Twitter
DisabilityLog Official Twitter

The same banner is used in the header section.

You can view recent tweets in real time via the Twitter embed below!

In addition, individual members are also sending out information via Twitter.

Please follow us and check out the latest information☺

Variations abound

Since we are so excited about this, we also created a different color version of the members’ Twitter headers to show the group’s sense of unity.

DisabilityLog バナー 色違い バリエーション
DisabilityLog Banner Color variations

There are so many variations, and all of them have a nice color scheme, it’s hard to choose:)

Which color is your favorite?

Appeal Area

In fact, the banner image is also the same as the home (top screen) appeal area.

We are using a WordPress theme called Cocoon, which allows you to set up a section under the header where you can enter the content you want to promote.

If you have seen the DisabilityLog home page, you have probably seen the following page.

Links to DisabilityLog

Links to DisabilityLog

Follow us on SNS❤

The button above is linked to the Lit.

The contents look like this, with various SNS links attached.

DisabilityLog Lit.Link リンク集
DisabilityLog Lit.Link Links

We hope you will take a look.

(Same banner here…!)

↑Click this image to jump to the link of the blog.

The first DisabilityLog banner was also posted on the profile.

I’m also waiting for you to add me as a LINE friend☺


We’re hoping to send out some confidential information just for you!

I would appreciate your comments and stamps.

DisabilityLog Key Colors


The key colors for DisabilityLog’s blog are


The header, footer, and global navigation are all in this dark brown color!

The gold color, a perfect match for the dark brown, makes it stand out from the crowd.

The design is classic and prestigious, and, like the logo, is intended to accentuate the sense of luxury.

Five-color palette on Canva

The main color of the logo is…?

DisabilityLog ロゴ カラー
DisabilityLog Logo Color

From left to right,






As for the pretty color palette, sign me up!

Image Color Picker Syncer

You can extract more detailed colors from the Syncer website!

SYNCER 画像の色抽出
SYNCER Image Color Extraction

Lots of pretty girly colors!

Awesome tool for easy color extraction right in your browser!

I’ll put this one in order as well.

#ac6f93 #8b7069 #d08cb6 #eae4de #aa5c93 #7a495f #663c47 #c8b68c #bcb5ae #ac9ea4 #512434 #53393a #d2c2a2 #451b23 #78602c #bc6ca4 #360d14 #a48c5c #381e1d #240404 #2c0508 #2c1014 #240c0c #24140c #1c0404 #24040c #280404

Color extraction of the entire site with “iromiru”

Sub-colors were also examined using “iromiru,” a website that can extract colors from images.


We find services that can extract color codes from photos very useful!

We’re really impressed with all the AI technology these days.

We are also hoping to investigate and share many more useful and impressive functions ☺

Color scheme services for coloring

Reference site:

Dedicated to new designers who have become color scheme refugees. A compilation of really useful color scheme services.


toolbox for Shomiyu

お道具箱 for Web

Adobe Color CC LOLcolors ColorDrop Color Hunt Coolors HELLO COLOR PALETTABLE Nipponcolors Brand Colors COLOUR CODE khroma colorsupplyyy Colordot random-material-palette Cohesive Colors. Pigment paletton HUE 360 Colorable colormind COOL COLORS(サルワカ) Material Palette Grabient itmemo 原色大辞典 Color Lisa Sip  Hues

We still don’t know how many sites there are, but we would like to improve our design skills by looking at various sites.

Introducing the newest member of DisabilityLog


Once again, please introduce the members of DisabilityLog!

Koro (Curious Wheelchair Girl Blogger)

Usa (“wheelchair x beautiful woman” + make you laugh x model)

Riii (a nerd who gets completely absorbed in what she likes)

Art white (3D artist Mexican)


Thank you all! And now, as a new member, we are pleased to announce the first appearance of…

DisabilityLog’s English website


We are very happy that foreign members are interested in a blog run by a Japanese person. We look forward to your future activities, and in order to make DisabilityLog more accessible to people from overseas, we have made it possible to access the English translation page by clicking the English button. We hope you will find it useful for learning English. If demand arises, we will consider expanding the site into multiple languages! Please look forward to it.

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