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What is a Help Mark?

Thanks to the red heart and plus symbols that can be seen around town in the form of added priority seating on trains and buses, we now live in an era where people with disabilities and those who need consideration for their invisible suffering can be reached. What is a "help mark?" Let's learn who should be taken into consideration.

What do you do when there is a step in a store you want to enter with a wheelchair?

Do you know what you do when there is a step in a store you want to enter with a wheelchair? Do you just give up because there is a step or because the street is narrow? If you cannot get through a store with a wheelchair, you can ask the store staff to carry your wheelchair for you. Sometimes you can get in by a different route with no steps.

Should I give the 4th dose of corona vaccine (Omicron strain compatible BA.4-5)?

With the infection spreading again, you have started to receive the fourth dose of the corona vaccine (Omicron strain compatible BA.4-5). We will talk about whether you should get the corona vaccine because of the deaths in people with underlying diseases and other cases that have been reported in the news and concerns about adverse reactions.

Stay at Tokyo Station Hotel with Hokansu for a great price – Barrier-free version

I stayed at the Tokyo Station Hotel in Tokyo Station, which is designated as a National Important Cultural Property, in a wheelchair. In this article, we will introduce barrier-free access (passageways, elevators, doors, rooms, barrier-free rooms, parking, and considerations we received) and facilities and equipment.