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Halloween DisneySea at Wheelchair Disney

I went to Disney in a wheelchair. I recorded what attractions are wheelchair accessible. Please refer to it when you go to Disney with a wheelchair user. We explain the questions that you may be wondering about, such as what to do when the battery for the electric wheelchair runs out. We went during Halloween, so it was nice to see people in costume.

Introduction of color masks for fashionable women

Autumn is the season of fashion, right? This time, Wheelchair Beauty introduces "fashionable colored masks. Have you ever wondered which masks you see around town? Please try to buy them now because "Amazon Time Sale" is going on.

Why don’t you create a system that allows people in wheelchairs to use JR trains and still get on the train in front of you?

An online petition has been launched to help wheelchair users use JR trains more comfortably. When wheelchair users get on and off the train, they wait at the station or platform until they can contact the drop-off station. We hope that many people will become aware of this reality and that it will be a catalyst for change in society and its mechanisms.

How to apply for the third dose of corona vaccine with proof of vaccination application

One of the conditions for the "Event Wakuwari Passport" and the National Travel Assistance (Nationwide Travel Wari) is that the applicant must have received three doses of the vaccine or be negative by PCR test, etc. Therefore, we would like to introduce how to apply for and register for the new corona vaccination certificate (Vaccine Passport).

Who are priority seats for?

I am sure many of you are familiar with the term "priority seating. There are many places in public transportation such as trains, buses, and shopping centers where seats are available. Do you know who is eligible for priority seating and help marks and what kind of consideration they need?

What do you do when you ride a train, bus or monorail in a wheelchair?

In this article, we explain from the perspective of a wheelchair user how to get on and off trains, buses, and monorails, which are modes of transportation used by many wheelchair users, how to wait for a wheelchair on a train, and how to ride a bus in a wheelchair. Most of the time, you will get on the train after the one you want to get on.

Perfect for Overnight Disney! Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel

A must-see for anyone going to Disneyland or Sea from afar with National Travel Assistance and Event Excitement Discount! Introducing Tokyo Bay Tokyu Hotel, a convenient hotel with a direct bus service from the hotel.It is a relatively new hotel built in 2018 and features ocean views in all rooms. This is a recommended hotel for those with children as it is a welcome baby hotel.

[Deals] 20% discount on Disney with Event Discount. How to display purchased tickets on the smartphone app and group invitations.

Do you know how to enjoy Disney at a discount? Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea) tickets for "Event Excitement Discount". This section explains how to view Disney tickets on your smartphone's application and about group invitations.

Disney’s Event Excitement Discount 1-Day Passport (20% discount) How to purchase and avoid errors

Tokyo Disney Resort will start selling tickets for the "Event Excitement Discount" on October 12! Disney's 1-Day Passport is a whopping 20% off the regular price, and with the 1-Day Passport (for people with disabilities), you can get an additional 20% discount on that ticket for a 40% discount!

Para “Travel” Support Project 2022 Chiba City Triathlon

Information about the Para "Travel" Support Project 2022 (Watching the Chiba City Triathlon) to be held on Sunday, October 16, 2022! The purpose of this project is to motivate people with disabilities to go out, to deepen exchanges, and to foster volunteers' understanding of disabilities and new views of support.