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Naho’s self-introduction #disabilitylog

I would like to introduce a new member of DisabilityLog, Dr. Naho. She is currently working as a consultant in Japan, specializing in diversity, especially in the area of DEI&B. She is thinking about how to create a better working environment and society for as many people as possible.

Guest Lounge “Atrium” at Tokyo Station Hotel – Breakfast Buffet

Tokyo Station Hotel in Tokyo Station is recommended for "gastronomy tourism. On its top floor is the Atrium, where you can enjoy a superb breakfast. We will introduce the secret attic of Tokyo Station, how to make reservations for the breakfast buffet, access, opening hours, barrier-free access, menu, etc.

What does it mean to attend an event? (H-C-R)

What do you all think is the meaning of attending an event? I think it includes not only gathering information from exhibitors, but also making connections and interacting with new people there. It is good to be able to receive information that you don't know, or conversely, to teach others.

Does it have to be that moving elevator?

I would like to share with you an actual experience I had with a person with a disability (wheelchair) regarding his/her mobility. If you see a person in a wheelchair having difficulty moving in a crowded station or elevator in a building, or if you see a person with a stroller in tow, we would be happy if you would consider taking the escalator and give it to them.

Go to Keio Plaza Hotel for an exquisite breakfast

I stayed at the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, which offers an exquisite breakfast, and went for an exquisite breakfast. The hotel's message is that they want you to make breakfast the purpose of your trip. I experienced what it is like, and I will explain what it is like.