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How to apply for the One-Stop Special Exception for Furusato Tax Payment, which can be completed with a smartphone

Do you know how to apply for the One-Stop Special Exception for Furusato Tax Payment, which can be completed on your smartphone? Before applying for the "One-Stop Special Exception Application" from the application, all you need is your "My Number Card" and its number. After preparing the necessary items, there are two ways to do it from the application, and we explain how to do it for municipalities that support "IAM" and "FURUMADO" and those that do not. Delicious returned goods are also introduced.

I answered the questions I wanted to ask wheelchair users! 2

What are some questions you all would like to ask wheelchair users? I would like to know about comments from happy DMs such as how many minutes before you try to arrive at your destination when you are in a wheelchair, if you are afraid of riding a train assisted by a wheelchair, a wheelchair user's perspective on wheelchair dancing, when and where your power wheelchair broke down, what is a happy time for you, etc. Here is a summary of what we wanted to know.

A summary of the features of Dyson’s high-end hair dryers!

(Dyson Supersonic Ionic) Hair Dryer (Nickel/Copper) Dyson's high-end hair dryer features three magnetically interchangeable tools: shiny, cold, and smooth, so you can feel like you've been to a salon at home. The Dyson hair dryer is powerful enough to cooperate with wind power, not heavy, and the handle does not get hot! We will also introduce you to the high-class interior design, storage stand goods, and more.

Kisoji (eel), a Japanese dish that is too good to be true

Kisoji (eel) Hitsumabushi, which is Japanese cuisine and too delicious, is available for lunch. The portion was too large for one person to eat. The peach was too delicious! I was also very grateful for the coupon to commemorate the merger.

Recommended in midsummer! Tropical Sunset at C3

Recommended in midsummer! Tropical Sunset, a new seasonal Sea Cube (C3) standard in early midsummer, was released in the "Tillasoff" family. Palm trees and sunglasses are just what summer is all about. The taste was delicious, with a hint of orange and tropical jelly! To my surprise, the "Tropical Sunset" and other products were introduced on TV's "Hirunandesu" following the "Tiramisu".

Too delicious C3 Baked Tiramisu

Good for coffee and tea lovers! The most popular item that you will want to eat again and again is C3 baked tiramisu. The inside is moist and tastes great in the mouth! It tastes very delicious with a firm tiramisu flavor. It also makes a great gift. I also highly recommend Sakuchi Horochi and Happy Sweet Assortment.

Thorough explanation of how to receive drink tickets from other apps and coke-on-pay

In addition to the method of accumulating 15 stamps at CorkOn, there are other ways to get "drink tickets" by winning a lottery or entering a coupon code from other apps, or to receive drink tickets, or to purchase drink tickets without touching the vending machine from CorkOn Pay, although there is a charge for this service, which is great for wheelchair users who are short in height.

Redeemed drinks by entering points or winning a drawing at CorkOn

In addition to the way to earn 15 stamps at CokeOn, I would like to introduce you to a limited number of people who were able to earn points and redeem them for prizes and drink tickets to enter or display in a drawing to win a drink. I was very happy when I won a Georgia drink ticket in the cold winter.

How to Get a Drink at Coke On

Here's how you can get a drink at CokeOn. If you think buying a drink from a vending machine is a waste of money ◎ What a great way to get a free drink and get a coo orange You get 1 stamp for walking 35,000 steps in a week. How to get stamps with the exception of the best deal! You can check the ticket you won for the drink ticket by clicking on "Tickets" in the lower right corner.

I definitely want to buy Peter Pan in [Chiba]

Here are some bread recommendations at Peter Pan. When "Peter Pan" first opened, I definitely wanted to buy bread as the bakery is such a popular store that I could not enter the store due to huge crowds. The "Kokuuma Curry Bread," which is only available during the summer and ranked first for four consecutive years, was very warm and delicious deep-fried. I also collected stamps and got a jumbo bear bun.