Thorough explanation of how to receive drink tickets from other apps and coke-on-pay

Thorough explanation of how to receive drink tickets from other apps and coke-on-pay LIFE
Thorough explanation of how to receive drink tickets from other apps and coke-on-pay

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Do you guys have any experience with getting drinks from the CokeOn app?


I know some of you want to know how to get the best deals, so I’ll introduce you~!


By all means, please let us know. I pretty often redeem “free” drinks from the CokeOn app via vending machines or convenience stores!

In this article, I’ll explain how to receive drink tickets from non-cokeon apps and CokeOnPay.


Mmm, I often redeem them for “free”!

What’s that? I’d like to know too much!

That’s very helpful if you’ve never used coke-on-pay either.

Except how to save stamps at the cork on

What else is there to do except to earn stamps with your Quon?

In the last issue, we introduced the following

Win drink tickets in a drawing

● How to get drinks at CokeOn

Earn points during the campaign period and get drinks only for those who show

● Redeemed drinks by applying for points or winning a drawing at CokeOn.

How to receive drink tickets from Coke on Pay, coupon codes, and other apps

In addition to the method of accumulating 15 stamps at CorkOn, there are other methods such as winning a lottery from other apps, entering a coupon code to get a “drink ticket,” receiving a drink ticket, or, for a fee, making a purchase without touching the vending machine from CorkOn Pay, which is great for users who are short in stature. This is great for wheelchair users.

I think I saw this vending machine on the monorail.

Coke-on vending machine

Fine I would like to repeat the other lemon and black tea kadens fruit!

I wish I could drink the iron grape and honey lemon, which I haven’t had yet.

Three stamps for those who have seen the three guides! There was a campaign.

I’m happy to accumulate stamps all at once!

3 guide stamps

The more you know, the more you save! CorkOn

The more you know, the more you save!

What are the ways?

1、Purchase products every Monday (5:00 AM to 11:59 AM) and get double stamps.

2, Drink tickets can be exchanged for a free drink of your choice.

 Experience the moment when your drink comes out of the vending machine with a simple swipe of your finger up!

3, Just set a weekly step count goal and walk.

 Reach your weekly goal or earn stamps for the rewards of cumulative steps.

The more you know, the more you save! CorkOn

Coke On Pay

Coke ON Pay is a service that allows you to easily make cashless payments at vending machines that support Coke ON Pay by registering your payment method in advance via the Coke ON app.

The vending machine must be compatible with Coke ON Pay.

The customer must have registered the payment service in advance.

コークオンペイ(Coke On Pay)
Coke On Pay

When you select Cork on Pay, you will see a screen and price for each item.

Payment Method (●Pay)

I could choose to pay from various Pay, but I am paying with “LINEPay”, which you can save by doing ●Pay.

What other payment methods are available?

PayPay, auPAY, d-payment

are available.

Payment Method (Credit Card)

In addition to Pay, you can also pay by credit card.

VISA, Mastercard, JCB, and American Express

are available.

Coke ON Pay カンタン・便利・おトクに決済!|Coke ON(コーク オン)
キャッシュレスで便利! Coke ON Pay。Coke ONのスタンプも、クレジットカードのポイントもダブルで貯まっておトク!

I redeemed the Peach for Tea Kaden dessert because it was a seasonal rarity.

How to receive “Drink Tickets” from other apps for use in Coke-on-Pay compatible vending machines

This section explains how to receive “Drink Tickets” that can be used in vending machines that support Coke on Pay from other apps.

How to Receive Drink Tickets

How to receive your “Drink Tickets”

1、Download the Coke On app

2、Receive drink tickets on the Coke On app



If you win drink tickets from other apps or by lottery, this is how to do it.

Tap the red mark, “Receive Drink Ticket”, and the app will start automatically.

The “Coupon Code” number will automatically appear.

 ↓ .

Tap that screen to receive a “Drink Ticket” for free.

3, Enjoy your drink at any Coke On-enabled vending machine nationwide!

Get drink tickets to use at Coke On!

From the gift card, you get drink tickets that can be used at CokeOn!

If you connect to a vending machine, go to the CokeOn app and tap “Tickets” => “Spend by yourself” to redeem the product you want.

I also exchanged the Irohasu that was on the screen for free.


If I could get water, I’d be tempted to mix it with calpis.


How can I learn more about Coke On?


Thanks for explaining how to get free drinks at Coke On and Coke On Pay!


I highly recommend Coke On, especially for wheelchair users who tend to be short in stature, because you can redeem any item from the Coke On app, even if you can’t get the item you want from the vending machine because it’s too high up.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

Introduction of Coke Ones in the Past

Please refer to some of the past articles that introduced some of the coke ons.

●A slightly different kind of vending machine

●Stylish and cute plastic bottle opener


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