Too delicious C3 Baked Tiramisu

Too delicious C3 Baked Tiramisu LIFE
Too delicious C3 Baked Tiramisu

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Here are some pastry shops that are too good to be true.


For those who want to know the favorite pastry shop!


I often go to C3, a pastry shop specializing in western sweets, so I’d like to introduce some of their delicious pastries.

Sea Cube’s Baked Tiramisu

Sea Cube’s Baked Tiramisu

Goes well with coffee or tea,

Baked Tiramisu


They aimed to create sweets that could make people happy, and they continued to create products using the best ingredients, techniques, and imagination they could find.

シーキューブ│C3 こだわりのティラミス

Tiramisu is moist,

A soft and fluffy baked pastry!

Immediately after baking it softly, this fragrant original coffee syrup is injected one by one, and the entire sponge dough is soaked with coffee syrup, and the mouth is filled with the aroma and flavor of coffee, which is really too good to be true.

World Recognized Deliciousness

Monde Selection, highest rated for seven consecutive years.”

The yellow color is wonderful.

シーキューブ(C3) 焼きティラミス
C3 Baked Tiramisu

Popular C3 Baked Tiramisu

Sea Cube’s Baked Tiramisu you’ll want to eat again and again!

The sponge is soaked in coffee syrup and Hokkaido mascarpone.

Popular Sea Cube Baked Tiramisu (12 pieces)

It’s so stylish.

シーキューブ(C3) 焼きティラミス
C3 Baked Tiramisu

It goes well with tea. The floral design is too cute ♡.

If it is the coming fall season, there is a limited time “burnt caramel” flavor.

C3 Baked Tiramisu Burnt Caramel 3 pcs.

This is a pack of 3 recommended for trial.

C3 Baked Tiramisu Burnt Caramel 6 pieces MIX

You can enjoy two different flavors.

What are delicious sweets other than baked tiramisu?

There are other delicious sweets besides baked tiramisu.

What kind of sweets are they?

Sakuchi Horotchi

Sakuchi Horotchi is a cookie on the top and bottom with delicious cream mixed inside.

シーキューブ(C3) サクッチ・ホロッチ
C3 Sakuchi Horotchi

Popularity Sea Cube Sacchi Horochi

It makes a great little gift, and comes in three different flavors.

(Lemon, Strawberry, Chocolate)

Happy Sweet Assortment

I would also recommend something like this.

C3 Happy Sweet Assortment S

Popularity C3 Happy Sweet Assortment M

Perfect for the spring season!


I like that it always includes baked tiramisu.

Official Online Shop

Official online store is here.

シーキューブ(C3) 公式通販|洋菓子シュゼットの通販サイト

Have you found out what kind of products are available?


I hope you all get some delicious snacks.


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