Recommended in midsummer! Tropical Sunset at C3

Recommended for mid-summer! C3's Tropical Sunset LIFE
Recommended for mid-summer! C3's Tropical Sunset

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Here are some pastry shops that are too good to be true.


This time it’s cold and delicious!


This is about “Tropical Sunset” of “Tillasoff” at C3!

has introduced “Tiramisu,” a baked good from C-Cube (C3).

This store has a lot of tiramisu products for sale!

Coffee and tea lovers will love it!

● C3 baked tiramisu that is too delicious!

Tiramisu “Tillasoff”, a new standard tiramisu

Recommended for midsummer! The new seasonal tiramisu “Tiramisu Sof” from Sea Cube in early midsummer.

I understand it was newly released around mid-March 2023!

A fun tiramisu that looks like soft-serve ice cream!

I guess that’s why they named the product “Tillasoff” lol.

Among them, Tropical Sunset was released. This is the product sold in the actual store.

Tropical Sunset

Tropical Sunset at C3

Palm trees and sunglasses are just what summer is all about.

The taste was very delicious, with a hint of orange and tropical jelly!

The details of the filling were chocolate, orange cream, biscuit, tropical jelly, dried papaya, and tiramisu cream.

This is one of those products that I would definitely buy if it were sold every year in the future!

Sales Period

The sales period, as far as SNS is concerned, is the Tillasoff sales anniversary campaign.

From that period, since the present campaign was held from 2023.3.15 to 2023.3.31 by lottery,

I think it was until about the beginning of July.

I bought it around June 26, 2023.

I am so glad I stumbled across it just before it was gone and was able to purchase it!

It was so good that I had purchased the same flavor several times in the days prior to that.

I also had peach tiramisu this time of year.

Thanks again for all your help.

Great for a little treat!

シーキューブ いつもありがとう!
C3 Thanks for everything!

Thanks again for all your help.


The store owner wrote on the chocolate plate for free.

I wonder if this is actually a service for those who bought a cake or something!

I was very happy to be able to congratulate them on their first blog anniversary and express my gratitude to them for all their support.

They asked me what kind of illustration I wanted on the chocolate plate, so I told them I wanted “bunny,” “balloon,” “ribbon,” etc. and they wrote such cute illustrations.

It was really a memorial, wasn’t it?


\”Cheer me up! / /

New Tiramisu “Tillasoff

A new type of tiramisu that overturns the conventional image of tiramisu.

It is a gorgeous and casual sweet that is perfect for the origin of the word tiramisu, “Cheer me up! is a glamorous and casual sweet that fits perfectly with the

ティラミス | シーキューブ - C3

They were introduced on TV!

What a surprise! TV’s “Hiranandes” introduced “Tiramisu” followed by “Tropical Sunset” filled “Tillasoff” and other products.

The new “Tillasoff” is a fun tiramisu that looks like soft-serve ice cream.

There are a total of four fun looking flavors. Please enjoy this new type of tiramisu that overturns the conventional image of tiramisu.

I was very surprised because I used to watch this program when I was home on weekday vacations.

C3 Tillasoff

Prices are

From left

Tropical Sunset: 627 yen (including tax), orange flavor

Melon Soda Memory incl. tax ¥627 Melon flavor

Strawberry Rabbit incl. tax ¥627 Strawberry flavor

Tiramisu Monster (including Tiramisu Monster tax included) ¥594, coffee flavor

They were 32 yen higher except for Tiramisu.

Maybe because they are seasonal and rare.

The price was 2,474 yen for a package of 4.


Everyone should get a delicious tiramisu cup that looks very cute and tasty.


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