First Blog – Logo Introduction

First Blog Logo Introduction PROFILE
First Blog Logo Introduction

Hello everyone, nice to meet you.

This is DisabilityLog, bringing you information that people with disabilities and their caregivers can enjoy together☺

Thank you for opening this page.

As far as article submissions go, this page is actually my first one!

Thank you so much for reading the fixed page profile post I created before this article… ❤

I hope to introduce my impressions of the profile and the logo in this issue, mainly in areas that I was unable to introduce in this profile.

First Post

A lot of people read this DisabilityLog profile.

I’m very happy to report that I’ve received some very nice compliments.

I will pick up some of them❤❤❤❤

Glad to hear your message of support!

We are thrilled that some of you share our feelings on behalf of exactly what we at DisabilityLog wanted to write about💛

It’s so encouraging when you give us specific messages of support!

Thank you so much!

I want to pick up these small needs and voices on the blog.

I want to make sure that the necessary information reaches the people who need it.

So please feel free to send us any requests you may have, such as what you would like us to write about or what you would like to know about!

Please let us know what you think.

We will use them as reference for our articles.

Exciting and thrilling impressions

We are looking forward to hearing from you through various social networking services and inquiry forms. We look forward to hearing from you ☟

DisabilityLog Contact Form

We will strive to provide contents that can solve your questions and concerns, as well as fun and informative information that you will find beneficial.


We sometimes receive very stimulating opinions and advice.

We believe that an objective viewpoint from a third party is also important in running a blog.

I think the design of the blog is especially important, so much so that it could be called a first impression, and I think it is one of the deciding factors in whether or not people will want to become fans in the future.

We were aiming for an eye-catching and stylish site, so we are very happy to receive positive feedback about the design 🤩.

It’s a great motivator!

From a fellow blogger.

Many of you have told us that you not only have feedback on our blog, but you also want to do your best as blogging buddies✨.

One of the purposes of writing a blog is to improve each other through friendly competition with other bloggers who share the same interests!

It’s one of the purposes of blogging, isn’t it!

I hope we can eventually interact as a community of people with disabilities☺.

Thanks for your message ♡.

Let’s keep up the good work!

DisabilityLog logo

Here’s the thing!

In a nutshell.

The unveiling of the DisabilityLog logo design 👏.

The story behind the creation of the logo design

First, the logo, also known as the website favicon

The images for our social networking accounts are

We use this illustration for all of them ♿.

DisabilityLog logo

This icon is DisabilityLog and I hope you will remember it.

From here, I would like to introduce the intention and secret of this logo I would like to introduce the secret and intention behind the creation of this logo.

I hope you will realize that the logo has such a deep hidden meaning. I hope you will feel that the logo has such a deep hidden meaning.

Heart-shaped wheelchair

The first of these is a handsome heart-shaped wheelchair tire.

The inside is pink with the same pattern as the header.

The reason why we dared to use a ♡ instead of a circle is because we wanted to create a stylish logo with a positive and loving image

I wanted to create a stylish logo with a positive image and love.

the dots are connected

The outer frame of the yellow part on the right is connected with the dots to make it handsome.

There is some kind of relationship between minority parts and events (dots) that were thought to be unrelated.

I tried to show that the dots are actually related by the way they are connected by lines.

Stay hungry, stay foolish

The story of the dots is included as part of the speech he gave at the Stanford University Commencement Ceremony in June 2005.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

This legendary speech, famously given by Steve Jobs, always strikes a chord!

It is a very important message for the rest of our lives. It is a great way to share the important things you need to know for the rest of your life.

Please take a moment to listen to it.

”Stay hungry,

stay foolish”

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Especially the closing words at the end. I am sure we have all heard it before.

Wisteria flower language

Surrounded by elegant wisteria flowers🌼

[Language of wisteria flowers.]

“Kindness.” “Welcome.”

“Never leave.”

Intoxicated by love. Faithful.

The beauty that pours down on you is intoxicating. Wisteria’s language of flowers and 10 recommended works

I hope this will be a blog that will be loved for a long time. We put these thoughts into this 🌟.


The human part is rounded into a silhouette. Inside, we added the text DisabilityLog.

For the typeface, we found a stylish font in English.

Le Jour Script Font

Script typography, perfect for elegant invitation art. Perfect for elegant invitation art✨

It can make your art more fun.

I’ve been using it in various eye-catching images. It is my favorite English font☺


In this issue, we have written about your honest opinions about DisabilityLog’s blog and the design of the DisabilityLog logo.

We hope you have learned a lot about DisabilityLog.

We are glad that we created the logo, as it is very cute and very popular among our members☺.

In the next issue, we would like to introduce DisabilityLog’s banner, key colors, and members’ self-introductions.


We have also added a new category called Profile✌.

This page is for introducing members of DisabilityLog and describing interviews and coverage with sponsors. For the concept and overview of the blog, please refer to the following links Profile #disabilitylog

We would like to include not only DisabilityLog itself, but also detailed profiles and interviews of its members, as well as articles from related websites of the sponsors, in the category of “profile”.

If you are interested in what kind of writers are writing articles or are involved in the project, please check it out ✅

We will update this page as needed.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Thank you for reading to the end 🌈


DisabilityLog administrator.

We bring you information that people with disabilities and caregivers can enjoy together♪
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