My favorite drink at Tully’s Coffee

My favorite drink at Tully's Coffee LIFE
My favorite drink at Tully's Coffee

I’m Usa-chan, the “wheelchair x beauty” funny x model! In DisabilityLog, as a SNS influencer, I hope to provide lots of useful information for people with disabilities. I will also enjoy providing information about beauty, travel, sightseeing, music, photography, and other hobbies.


I wish you could introduce me to the best drink at Tully’s Coffee.


I hope you’ll try it. Speaking of delicious beverages at Tully’s Coffee, I would like to introduce you to their seasonal springtime product, the “Peach Yogurt Sour Cream” which was very tasty.

There were several other tasty beverages as well.

Tully’s Coffee’s Delicious Beverage is a Beverage of Tully’s Coffee

Speaking of delicious beverages at Tully’s Coffee,

Peach Yogurt Sour Cream

What is Peach Yogurt Sour Cream?

What does Peach Yogurt Sour Cream taste like?

タリーズコーヒー ピーチヨーグルトスワークル
Tully’s Coffee Peach Yogurt Sour Cream

You can enjoy the sweet and fresh peach fruitiness and the melt-in-your-mouth texture with honey yogurt.

For the peach frozen, we used domestically grown white peaches. The taste was so delicious that it was like eating peaches as they are.

Some of the delicious “Peach Yogurt Sourdough” drinks were introduced in past articles.

タリーズコーヒー ピーチヨーグルトスワークル
Tully’s Coffee Peach Yogurt Sour Cream

It’s a two-for-one share-happy.

We used Tully’s Coffee’s Beans Rewards “Digital Invitation Ticket” which allows two people to pay for one drink.

See the article below for more information.

タリーズコーヒー ピーチヨーグルトスワークル
Tully’s Coffee Peach Yogurt Sour Cream

Peach Yogurt Sourdough Share Happiness (⋈◍>◡<◍). ✧♡♡

I highly recommend this drink even if it’s not the hottest season!

Heart wall cute ♡.


Peach Yogurt Sourdough Tall 650 yen (tax included)

Grapefruit Separated Tea Tall 520 yen (tax included)

Tall 520 yen (tax included)

The Tea Lista Earl Grey Royal was also delicious.

ティーリスタ® アールグレイロイヤル |TULLY'S COFFEE - タリーズコーヒー

Royal milk tea with the flavor of Earl Grey preserved in frozen form. Enjoy the mild and deep flavor slowly while mixing with the fluffy whipped cream topping.

It may be even more delicious with the addition of “honey” or “vanilla” as a customization!

Prices are as follows

Short 630 yen / Tall 685 yen (tax included)

Tully’s Coffee Menu

The following is an introduction to the Tully’s Coffee menu.

タリーズコーヒー ピーチヨーグルトスワークル
Tully’s Coffee Peach Yogurt Sour Cream

Tully’s official Instagram informed us that the seasonal [Peach Yogurt Sourdough and & TEA Grapefruit Separate Tea] products have been available since 5/12/2023.

You can check out the drink menu on the official website here

ドリンク|TULLY'S COFFEE - タリーズコーヒー

I would like to drink any of them.





The items were divided by category.

store interior

We dined in the restaurant.

I’m glad there is a Tully’s coffee shop where I can read a book.

タリーズコーヒー ピーチヨーグルトスワークル
Tully’s Coffee Peach Yogurt Sour Cream

I wish it was very tasty.

Tully’s Value Refill Service

Did you know that Tully’s has a special refill service?

One More Coffee is a service that allows you to purchase refills on the same day you order eligible items at a discount.

いつものお店でお得に楽しむ コーヒーのおかわりサービス!One More Coffee | TULLY'S COFFEE
タリーズのお得なおかわりサービス One More Coffee!対象ドリンクを購入後、レシートもしくはアプリに届くチケットを提示、2杯目のドリンクがお得に楽しめます!

Cash or Tully’s Card

Tully’s Coffee Official App

The following is an explanation for each of the above.

In case of purchase with TULLY’S COFFEE Official App

Here we introduce the case of purchase with TULLY’S COFFEE Official App.

Purchase of qualifying drinks

You need to purchase the following drinks.

Please check the app for the latest information.

【Drink of the Day】

Coffee of the Day/Iced Coffee

Original – Malawi & Darjeeling/

Water Drizzled Iced Tea

Ticket delivered to your app

We will send you a ticket to your app that can be used at any store on the same day of your purchase.

We will send you a ticket to your app that can be used at any of our stores.

Go to the store

Go to the store again.

By using the ticket, you can purchase a refill of an eligible drink for 150 yen (tax included.)

Spend a lot and save! Tully’s Official App

  1. First cup can be purchased with a 10 yen discount!
  2. One More Coffee is available at all stores for the second cup! (You can also get a refill at another store where you purchased your first drink)
  3. TEA Menu Original – Malawi & Darjeeling,
    • Water-dripped iced tea is also an eligible drink!
  4. Tully’s points will be awarded for digital invitation tickets! 1 Beans for every 1 Yen / 10,000 Beans for every 1 Beans / 10,000 Beans for every 1 Yen Digital Invitation Ticket will be sent to your in-app purchase!

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