Fashionable, Cool of wheelchairs Thorough explanation of frame color!

Fashionable, Cool of wheelchairs Thorough explanation of frame color! LIFE
Fashionable, Cool of wheelchairs Thorough explanation of frame color!

I’m Usa-chan, the “wheelchair x beauty” funny x model! In DisabilityLog, as a SNS influencer, I hope to provide lots of useful information for people with disabilities. I will also enjoy providing information about beauty, travel, sightseeing, music, photography, and other hobbies.

I saw wheelchairs introduced at an event called the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (HCR) at Tokyo Big Sight, and I wanted to document the colors of the frame colors of wheelchairs from various manufacturers for reference. We would be happy if you could use this as a reference when purchasing a wheelchair.


Those who want to know the frame color of stylish and cool wheelchairs~♪ All of you!


In this issue, we would like to introduce the “frame color” colors of “wheelchairs” by “wheelchair manufacturer” that you have been wanting to know about.


I am very confused about the color of the “frame color” of my wheelchair. I asked the wheelchair manufacturer to show me a “color sample” of the wheelchair’s “frame color” (color chip) and I chose the color from there, so I also took pictures and videos to commemorate the event.

【FORCE】Color swatch of wheelchair frame color

Here are some color swatches of frame colors for [FORCE] wheelchairs.


Which color will you choose? There are so many, it’s hard to decide.


I asked everyone on Instagram who is in a wheelchair and got all kinds of answers~! Thank you all so much for your responses♡I’ll post everyone’s color results at the end for your reference.

FORCEの選べるフレームカラーCOLOR|プレミアム車いすブランド FORCE(フォース)

Powder coating

There were 46 different frame colors for wheelchairs.

Generally, when adding color to a wheelchair, the most common pattern is probably [powder coating (powder coding)].

Powder coating is a coating method in which powdered paint, rather than liquid, is applied by electrostatic force and baked in an oven to harden it.

​Powder coating is an environmentally friendly coating method that does not use organic solvents, and has been adopted in Europe, the U.S., and other countries around the world. It is also used for medical and welfare equipment as a health-friendly surface treatment method because it contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), as well as the quality of the coating.

The variety of colors shown to us was fewer than those listed on the Internet, but when we were shown color samples of actual frame colors, there were quite sparkling, normal colors with light sparkles, metallic colors, milky colors, and other pastel colors.

【FORCE】Wheelchair frame covers

When I put them side by side, all the colors are very nice.

I really can’t decide.

Click here for overall photo ↓

【FORCE】Wheelchair frame covers

HG(High grade)

I can also paint this one with a high-grade coating that applies two to three coats of powder.

The price will be higher, HG (15,000 – 30,000 yen).

Please contact the distributor for details.

Color anodized aluminum

There were eight different colors. It looks transparent.

The price is (15,000 yen).

There are many calm, adult-oriented colors.

【KADOWAKI】Color swatch of wheelchair frame color

Before going into the main topic of color samples of wheelchair frame colors, one thing I was wondering is that [KADOWAKI] is not a manufacturer specializing in wheelchairs.

Then, what do they mainly paint?

What they are painting

The manufacturer of [KADOWAKI] is mainly painting building interiors, commercial facilities, products of industry, and mass production.

Therefore, they also painted wheelchairs! Many people didn’t know that.

I heard that they also paint competition wheelchairs for the Paralympics.

事例 / 建築・内装・商空間 | Kadowakicoating

Ginza Mitsukoshi”, “Futakotamagawa Rise”, “GINZA SIX”, etc.

It is amazing to see the wonderful buildings being painted ♡.

I went to see all of them, but the buildings were so luxurious and impressive.

Here are some color samples of KADOWAKI’s wheelchair frame colors.

【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame cover (color sample of powder coat for wheelchair)
【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame covers

Click here for overall photo ↓

【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame covers

There are so many kinds of colors! Some were even more sparkly than the last one I introduced [FORCE]. I love glitter, so I found several colors that were perfect for me.

It’s a manufacturer that paints buildings, so it’s very impressive.

There are at least five or more similar colors alone, and they are very fine.

【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame covers

Some of those with glitter appear to be quite different colors depending on the angle of light.

【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame covers

Click here for a picture of the entire area from a distance ↓

【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame covers
【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame covers
【KADOWAKI】Wheelchair frame covers

Powder coat color samples for wheelchairs are written “Class ●” in black for each color, but prices range from Class 1 to 4.

We offer a wheelchair color order system with powder coding for “more individualized,” “stronger,” and “more colorful” wheelchairs.

  • Class 1 ¥20,000 1 coat solid specification
  • Class 2 ¥25,000 Base coat + one coat clear
  • Class 3: 26,000 yen each coat + one effector
  • Class 4: 30,000 yen each coat + one effector

※Glitter type is available from Class 3.

Prices vary depending on the number of coats, techniques, and difficulty level of the design. Choose the color you like.

Original Brand Colors

Original brand colors are also introduced.

Ki color | Kadowakicoating
カドワキ粉体塗装のカラーブランド「Ki color」。 より多くの方にカドワキオリジナル粉体塗装伝えたく、「Innovative color & surface」を「Ki color」に一新しました。 またイメージをご提示いただければ、それに合わせた粉体カラーをご提供するサービス オーダーサービス「Special +」...

I learned from Instagram that this kind of color was available, and also checked out the Cadwaki powder coating “Ki color” product case study introduction.

カドワキ粉体塗装「Ki color」 プロダクト事例紹介
Ki colorを採用したプロダクト事例 カドワキ粉体塗装「Ki color」が、ゴルフのアイアンシャフトのカラーラインナップに採用された事例です。 今まで金属で味気なかったシャフトに、粉体塗装のカラー・質感を与えることで、オリジナル感と「柔らかさ」を与える印象に作り上げられています。 カドワキ粉体塗装ならではのオリジ...

This is an example of the color lineup used for golf iron shafts.

【OX】Color swatch of wheelchair frame color

Many wheelchair users are familiar with [OX].


  • Standard coating 12 types
  • Special coating 1 color 10,000 yen 6 types *Only single color coating
  • Special painting Grand Paint 18,000 yen 8 types * Only single color painting
  • Special paint Splash paint 15,000 yen 4 types * Only single color paint
  • Special painting OX Kanagawa limited original lame painting 7 types from 36,000 yen ~

※Other lame colors on request

※The limited color is an original color of OX Kanagawa, so it is limited to those who purchase the product at our store.

A pricey paint job would likely cost extra from the amount of the wheelchair subsidy….

But I want my wheelchair to be one-of-a-kind and precious, so I’ll make it fashionable! Make it cool! It’s good for you, isn’t it?

【Matsunaga Manufacturing Co】Color swatch of wheelchair frame color

Many wheelchair users know [Matsunaga Seisakusho].

We are a manufacturer of not only wheelchairs, but also walkers, canes, stretchers, bathing-related products, shower chairs, bathtub chairs, and other products useful in the medical, welfare, and nursing care fields, with the number one market share in the industry.

製品紹介 – 株式会社 松永製作所

There is a digital brochure on the left.

It’s great that anyone can view the brochure for free. Moreover, it is easy to quickly check it out because it links and jumps to the page of the field you want to see!

Digital brochure↓

Incidentally, color swatches of wheelchair frames are shown on pages 138-139.

There are a number of frame colors, but there do not appear to be any special colors that are glittery or patterned.

Separate from the frames, color swatches for the sheets were shown on pages 140-141.

The checkered pattern is cute.

【Suai】Color swatch of wheelchair frame color

Lightweight & Simple Frame . This is a semi-custom type of wheelchair where you choose the size that fits you and make a wheelchair accordingly.

Custom-made is nice.


Frame colors are also listed for your reference.


Since these wheelchairs are for kids and ladies, they are recommended for those who like pastel colors.

Results of Instagram wheelchair user responses


I asked a question on Instagram Stories about the color my wheelchair has and several wheelchair users responded. Thank you so much!


Thank you to everyone who responded… ♪Now, I’m going to show you the results of everyone’s wheelchair color responses!


I’m very curious. It’s a great reference for new wheelchair colors.

What are the results of your answers?

Gold Color




Light blue




The results were really diverse, with each person having his or her own personality.

Surprisingly, I thought that most of the women’s wheelchairs would be pink, red, or white, but there were also respondents who said they had yellow or light blue wheelchairs, which made me realize that everyone has their own favorite color.

I thought that most of the men would be in black or blue, but there were some who had silver wheelchairs.

I would like to show a video of the colors of the wheelchair frames to those who can post videos, such as Instagram reel videos, because a video shows how the colors look and glow better than a photo.


When comparing actual color samples of frame colors for wheelchairs, there are several similar colors to choose from.

When ordering glitter or special colors, there is often an additional charge for them.

The following table summarizes typical wheelchair manufacturers and the characteristics of their wheelchair frame colors.

Wheelchair Frame Color Characteristics
FORCERecommended for those who want a simple color with just a hint of glitter.
KADOWAKIRecommended for those who want to choose from a wide variety of colors and glitter that you don’t usually see.
OXRecommended for those who want to choose from simple colors to flashy sparkles and designs.
Matsunaga Manufacturing Co.Recommended for those who want to decide on the color of the sheet, although there are no special colors such as glitter or patterns.
SuaiRecommended for children and women who like pastel colors instead of dark colors.
Wheelchair Manufacturers and Wheelchair Frame Color Characteristics

There are other wheelchair manufacturers, but it would be too much work to introduce many of them, so we have carefully selected those that are stylish and cool and allow you to choose your own favorite wheelchair frame color.

We have also compared them with other wheelchair manufacturers and asked them what color frame covers for wheelchairs are best for you.

We would be happy to be of help to those who are wondering what color frame cover is best for their wheelchair.

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