Complete Guide to TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Store!

Complete Guide to TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Store! LIFE
Complete Guide to TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Store!

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Bread is indispensable for daily meals. TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Store has been attracting attention as a store where such bread can be easily purchased. In this issue, we will introduce the very popular bakery “TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Store” located at JR Chiba Station. This store is a sister store of “BRILLAT-SAVARIN TruffleBAKERY,” which opened on March 31, 2023 and is popular for its truffle bread. Here, we will thoroughly explain the attraction of the TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store, recommended products, and how to access the store. Please read to the end!


TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba is the first bakery in Chiba Prefecture specializing in take-out!
The most popular breads include the most popular white truffle salt bread and bread made with peanuts, which is only available in Chiba Prefecture.
It is located on the 3rd floor of Perrier Chiba next to the JR Chiba Chuo ticket gate.

The purpose of this article is to introduce the appeal of the TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store and its recommended breads.

For bread lovers and those interested in truffles, the store’s features and menu will be explained in detail.

signature dish

TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba

TruffleBAKERY「コンセプト」 | TruffleBAKERY
Concept 毎日食べるパンだから、 美味しい素材と少しの豊かさを TruffleBAKERYは、ヨーロッパ

Attraction of TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba

TRUFFLE mini JR千葉駅店 店内
TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Station Store

Overview of TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba

TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba is a must for bread lovers. The store offers about 30 different kinds of breads, the most notable of which are breads made with truffles. Truffles are known as a luxury ingredient, but here you can enjoy them at a reasonable price. The aroma and flavor of truffles match the bread perfectly, providing a luxurious taste.

Difference between TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba and its sister store BRILLAT-SAVARIN TruffleBAKERY

The difference between TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba and its sister store BRILLAT-SAVARIN TruffleBAKERY lies mainly in whether you want to specialize in takeout or eat and drink in the store. BRILLAT-SAVARIN TruffleBAKERY, which opened last November, has a larger storefront and a wider variety of items. However, because it is a very popular store, until about three months after it opened, there was a line outside the store and it took a long time to purchase items. Perhaps as a measure to alleviate this problem, the TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store specializes in takeout, so turnover is fast. Furthermore, its location close to the station makes it easier to go there to buy, and I go there more often.

On the other hand, BRILLAT-SAVARIN TruffleBAKERY has a spacious interior, where you can also eat and drink. Here, you can buy freshly baked bread as it is baked on the spot. There are many varieties, and most of the breads are truffle-infused. Both are delicious, but you can choose the one that best suits your mood and needs.

Atmosphere and design of the restaurant

The atmosphere and design of the restaurant is also wonderful. Although the store is small because it specializes in takeout, the simple, modern interior based on black and white colors is eye-catching. The showcases are lined with colorful breads, which are fun to look at. The appeal of this shop is that it is easy to buy delicious bread at ease.

Barrier-free environment

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible with no steps. The staff is also excellent in their customer service. Not only do they greet you with a smile, but they also explain and recommend breads to you. If there was an item I wanted them to take, they took the bread from me. This is very nice for wheelchair users who have difficulty carrying and moving around while picking up various items. In addition, they not only put the bread you purchase in a bag, but also wrap it for you. They make great gifts or souvenirs, and would look stylish with a ribbon and a message card!

Recommended Products

Here are three recommendations for the TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store.

Pick up recommended products at TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store!

White Truffle Salt Bread

White Truffle Salt Bread
The white truffle salt bread is the signature product of the Chiba branch. It is the No. 1 most popular item. The aroma of white truffles is enticing. The fluffy dough is sprinkled with white truffle oil and rock salt. Although simple, the mellow aroma of white truffles and the refreshing taste of rock salt go perfectly together. The aroma is further enhanced when heated. It is also recommended to enjoy it with wine and cheese. The crispy croissant dough is filled with truffle butter and truffle cheese. When you bite into it, the aroma of truffles fills your mouth. The moderate saltiness and sweetness are well balanced, and the taste will leave you wanting more.

Black Truffle Egg Sandwich

With black truffle egg sandwich
This sandwich is richly flavored with black truffle. It is the No. 2 most popular bread. The fluffy bread is filled with egg salad mixed with black truffle and mayonnaise. The egg salad is characterized by its flaky texture and rich flavor. The aroma of black truffle goes well with the egg salad, giving the dish a luxurious feel. It is perfect for lunch, snacks, or picnics. The sandwiches come in a two-pack, but the price is a bit steep, so you may want to share one sandwich with someone else.

[Chiba’s only] Peanut Bread

[Chiba’s only] Peanut Bread
This bread is made with peanuts from Chiba Prefecture and is a limited item available only at the TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Station store. The dough is chunky and filled with peanut butter and peanut cream. The surface is topped with crunchy peanuts. The sweet and savory taste of peanuts is irresistible. There are two types of this bread. The illustration of Chiba Prefecture is a landmark.

Chiba Prefecture limited peanut bread: Bread made with Chiba Prefecture peanuts, available only at TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store!

You can taste the peanut flavor.

Other, recently introduced breads, etc.

TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba access and hours of operation


Getting to TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba is easy.
It takes about one minute to walk from JR Chiba Station.
It is located on the 3rd floor, immediately to the left after exiting the central ticket gate.
It is just past the convenience store and the Hasu Clock.

Business Hours

TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Station
Weekdays 8:30-20:00
Weekends and holidays 8:30-20:00

Locations (SHOPLIST) | TruffleBAKERY
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TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store is popular for its truffle bread. Many of the breads are small, and each one is unique and lovely. The store has a simple, modern atmosphere, and the staff is excellent. Access is easy, and it takes only a minute to walk from JR Chiba Station.

TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba is the perfect place for bread lovers.

The salted truffle bread is a handsome, delicious treat that you will want to eat again and again.

The breads are made using unique methods and ingredients, and are loved by the locals.

In this issue, I have introduced plenty of fascinating information about the TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba store. I hope you will visit the store!


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