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150 Years of Railroads and Art – Tokyo Station Gallery

The fourth installment of Tokyo Station Hotel's "150 Years of Railroads and Art. I went to see the exhibition, which was just recently held at the museum (Tokyo Station Gallery) in the Marunouchi Station Building of Tokyo Station, on my way back from a stay at the Tokyo Station Hotel. The posters are very well done.

Guest Lounge “Atrium” at Tokyo Station Hotel – Breakfast Buffet

Tokyo Station Hotel in Tokyo Station is recommended for "gastronomy tourism. On its top floor is the Atrium, where you can enjoy a superb breakfast. We will introduce the secret attic of Tokyo Station, how to make reservations for the breakfast buffet, access, opening hours, barrier-free access, menu, etc.

Tokyo Station Hotel “Blanc Rouge” – Dinner Course

We would like to introduce the access to the dinner course at Blanc Rouge French restaurant in Tokyo Station Hotel, the contents of the course meal, and the considerations (door, lavatory/toilet, kneeling, take-out). Recommended for a memorable dinner party at Tokyo Station.

Stay at Tokyo Station Hotel with Hokansu for a great price – Barrier-free version

I stayed at the Tokyo Station Hotel in Tokyo Station, which is designated as a National Important Cultural Property, in a wheelchair. In this article, we will introduce barrier-free access (passageways, elevators, doors, rooms, barrier-free rooms, parking, and considerations we received) and facilities and equipment.

How to apply for the third dose of corona vaccine with proof of vaccination application

One of the conditions for the "Event Wakuwari Passport" and the National Travel Assistance (Nationwide Travel Wari) is that the applicant must have received three doses of the vaccine or be negative by PCR test, etc. Therefore, we would like to introduce how to apply for and register for the new corona vaccination certificate (Vaccine Passport).

[Deals] 20% discount on Disney with Event Discount. How to display purchased tickets on the smartphone app and group invitations.

Do you know how to enjoy Disney at a discount? Tokyo Disney Resort (Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea) tickets for "Event Excitement Discount". This section explains how to view Disney tickets on your smartphone's application and about group invitations.

Disney’s Event Excitement Discount 1-Day Passport (20% discount) How to purchase and avoid errors

Tokyo Disney Resort will start selling tickets for the "Event Excitement Discount" on October 12! Disney's 1-Day Passport is a whopping 20% off the regular price, and with the 1-Day Passport (for people with disabilities), you can get an additional 20% discount on that ticket for a 40% discount!

Relax with L’OCCITANE’s room fragrance

We recommend L'OCCITANE room fragrances and bottles and sticks (Provence Aroma Diffuser Refill Relaxing, Diffuser Set, Osmanthus Kinmorisse Eau de Toilette). Come on in and experience some soothing aromatherapy time!

No grip required Stylish and cute plastic bottle opener

"PET Bottle Opener" With this, I don't need to make many fine movements of my fingers, so I don't have to exert much effort. It is very convenient. This time, I would like to introduce a plastic bottle opener product that I use to open the lids of plastic bottles and cans, which I use because I have no grip strength.

【Found in Chiba, Japan】Interesting and unusual handkerchief vending machine

Jill stuart's handkerchief vending machine is so cute and stylish! I bought a handkerchief with a cat pattern. I would like to introduce this vending machine, which was wonderful because the buttons can be reached by wheelchair users, and it is IC card compatible and contactless.