How to apply for the third dose of corona vaccine with proof of vaccination application

How to apply for the third dose of corona vaccine with proof of vaccination application LIFE
How to apply for the third dose of corona vaccine with proof of vaccination application

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With the recent announcement of the “Event Wakuwari Passport” and the National Travel Support (National Travel Wari), measures to stimulate tourism demand have been launched throughout Japan and in all prefectures.

One of the conditions is that the person must be inoculated with three doses of the vaccine or have a negative result in a PCR test or other test.

If you are planning to go somewhere with the above conditions, you will need to register in advance.


So, for those who have not yet registered for the third time, here’s how to apply and register for a new corona vaccination certificate (Vaccine Passport)!

What is the New Corona Vaccination Certificate App?

When a new vaccination is given, it must be reissued in order to show a certificate that includes the most recent vaccination record.

I’m sure there are a surprisingly large number of people who have had the third dose, but are still only registered for the second dose…

I recently purchased a Disney’s Event Excitement Discount ticket, and one of the conditions stated that I had already had my third dose, so I was looking up how to prove it. See this article about Disney’s Event Discount tickets↓

I had used the new coronavirus vaccination certificate app before and read it with a QR code, but I didn’t remember much about how to use it, and I never used it again, so I started up the app again and found that I had registered up to the second time.

My family also said they didn’t know how to do it, so I registered with them while I was at it.

As I pushed the buttons on the app, I successfully completed the third registration, and I would like to show you how to do it in detail.

New Corona Vaccination Certificate Application

Launch the red Certificate of Vaccination application.

New Corona Vaccination Certificate Application

You can install the “Vaccination Certificate App” by searching for “Vaccination Certificate App” in the App Store or Google Play.

If the “Install” button does not appear on the “Vaccination Certificate App” installation page, the Vaccination Certificate App is not available for your smartphone.

*If you have not yet installed the app, please do so!

App Store

New Corona Vaccination Certificate Application


Google Play

New Corona Vaccination Certificate Application

二次元コード(新型コロナワクチン接種証明書アプリのGoogle PlayウェブサイトのURL)

What is required for registration, points to keep in mind

Please note that there are requirements for the three things you need to register with the application and for the specifications of your phone.

If you do not meet the following requirements, copy the paper application form instead of the application.

What you need to use

My number card

PIN number for My Number Card ticket entry assistance (4-digit number you set when you received the card)

Passport (for those who are issued an overseas passport)

New Corona Vaccination Certificate App – Digital Agency

operating environment

Handsets that can read my number card (NFC Type B compatible)
(Reference) NFC smart phone compatible with My Number Card (PDF/24KB): Public Personal Authentication Service Portal Site

iOS 13.7 or higher

Android 8.0 or higher

How to install the application

Here’s what we’re going to do.

I’m going to explain how to prove you’ve been vaccinated a third time!


After launching the application, first click on the Re-issue button


Choice of Use

If the product is to be used in Japan, select “For use in Japan”.

Choice of Use

After selecting the application, press the Next button.

Enter PIN

Next, enter the 4-digit number you set yourself when registering your My Number Card.

*Careful, if you get it wrong three times in a row, it will be locked!

Enter PIN

When you are finished, press the Next button.

My number card reading

Attach the top of your phone to your My Number Card and click the Start Scanning button.

When the message “Ready to scan” is displayed, hold up your My Number Card.

When you hold it over your card, make sure it is snugly attached.

Once your My Number Card is scanned, click the Next button.

My number card has been read.

Select a city/town

Check your state and city.

If it matches, click Search Vaccination Records.

Select a city/town


If the vaccination record is correct, click the issue button


When you have finished issuing the certificate, press the “Finish” button at the end to complete registration.


Third registration completion screen

Click on the Show Details button to see the history of vaccines you have administered.

Scroll to the bottom and you will see a button that says Save this certificate as an image or Save the 2D code as an image. Use whichever you prefer and save it to your mobile device.

新型コロナウイルス感染症 予防接種証明書
Certificate of Immunization against New Coronavirus Infection

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The above is how to register for the new coronavirus vaccine certificate and how to display the certificate. The “Nationwide Travel Discount” as well as “Tadaima Tokyo Plus” and “Motto Tokyo” will be in full effect from now on. It’s the perfect time to travel! So be prepared now! We’ve published a lot of articles about hokans, so if you’re interested, be sure to read the following blog posts!

Let’s do our best! Shinjuku Support Campaign

I’m afraid the application for this campaign has already closed, but if you look, there may be more city-specific campaigns out there!

“Chiba Tokubetsu Campaign” is expanding nationwide! Now Expanding Nationwide!

Eligibility will be expanded from residents of Chiba Prefecture and Kanto block prefectures to residents of all prefectures in Japan.

Period of use: From Tuesday, October 11 to Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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