How to get to the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (from Kokusai Tenjijo Station)

How to get to the venue of the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition(from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station) LIFE
How to get to the venue of the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition(from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station)



I’m Usa-chan, the “wheelchair x beauty” funny x model! In DisabilityLog, as a SNS influencer, I hope to provide lots of useful information for people with disabilities. I will also enjoy providing information about beauty, travel, sightseeing, music, photography, and other hobbies.

In the last issue, what does it mean to attend an event? (H・C・R), we talked about the following.

*”International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition” H・C・R

You can read about what the purpose of your participation is and the thoughts from the disabled party.

In addition, the previous article, “How I learned about the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (H-C-R),” is particularly relevant to prosthetic devices, and I think it will be helpful for those who are planning to purchase a wheelchair or other prosthetic device.

If you like, you can refer to it from the link below.


If you are actually disabled and in a wheelchair, you may be wondering how you got to the “International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition” H-C-R.


For this reason, we share our own experiences with our readers.


Since we went by different means on the way there and on the way back, I will tell you about the two separate modes of transportation.

Weather on the day

I actually went to the event site this time.

The weather was “rainy” on the day of the event. And for three days.

Driving a wheelchair while holding an umbrella is difficult.

Here are some wheelchair accessories we recommend for those people.

Raincoat that can be worn with a wheelchair

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You can buy them online from Amazon or Rakuten.

Unlike ordinary raincoats, these wheelchair raincoats keep your hands and feet dry, so they are very convenient to have.

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Fixing belt to attach umbrella to wheelchair

Holding an umbrella while driving a wheelchair is quite difficult.

I was wondering what kind of things could be used to attach an umbrella to a wheelchair.

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It can be bent and extended at right angles and used not only for wheelchairs but also for strollers, bicycles, and many other applications.

Thankfully, there was a pathway from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station that kept us out of the rain.

Directions from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station

Directly in front of you when you get off at Kokusai-Tenjijo Station is the pedestrian deck, where you can go without getting wet from the rain!

That walkway is a great way to get around without having to cover yourself with an umbrella or raincoat.

From there, go left and straight down the street to find the free shuttle bus to the temporary Tokyo Big Sight.

Rain-safe passageway can be seen from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station.

When we discussed the problems wheelchair users would have when the Oripara was held in Japan in the prefecture, I was happy to see that this was the place where we had talked about wanting a pathway from the station to the venue when it rained so that we would not get wet in the rain.

However, it is better to have an umbrella because you will get a little wet between getting off the bus to Tokyo Big Sight and entering the Tokyo Big Sight building.

Transportation from home

I took the train with my electric wheelchair.

There are transfers, and it takes quite a bit of time to move around in an electric wheelchair.

Therefore, I estimate more time by working backward from the time I want to arrive.

Also, trains are not the only means of transportation.

There is also a parking lot, so you can drive there by car.

For your reference, we have included a guide map with barrier-free information.


From each transportation

  • From Kokusai-Tenjijo Station on the Rinkai Line (distance: approx. 550m) Exit the station and walk straight ahead toward the inverted triangular conference building, then take the elevator on the left side of the pedestrian bridge to the 2nd floor and enter the venue entrance.
  • From Tokyo Big Sight Station (Yurikamome Line) (2F) (Distance: approx. 250m) Exit the station and follow the diagonal pathway to the right to the entrance of the venue.

Thanks to the presence of security guards at the elevators at Shinkiba and Kokusai-Tenjijo stations on the Rinkai Line, I was able to ride the elevators smoothly. After all, I appreciated the station staff’s very quick response.

There was also a wide ticket gate, and I could pass through the ticket gate with my electric wheelchair without having to go through the passageway with the station staff. From the parking lotThere was also a wide ticket gate, and I could pass through the ticket gate with my electric wheelchair without having to go through the passageway with the station staff.

From the parking lot

  • Conference Tower Underground Parking Lot. Please use the elevators near the wheelchair parking spaces.To access the West Exhibition Hall, please proceed from the entrance hall on the 2nd floor to each building.
  • South Building Multi-Story Parking Lot. Please use the elevator near the wheelchair parking space. South Halls 1 and 2 are accessible from the 2nd floor, and South Halls 3 and 4 from the 5th floor.

Transportation from the station to the venue

free shuttle bus

Since the East Exhibition Hall was the venue for this year’s event, visitors could take the “free shuttle bus” directly to the East Exhibition Hall of Tokyo Big Sight from a rain-safe passageway to reach the HCR venue.

free shuttle bus

The bus was a “non-step bus” and we were given a ramp and an HCR representative pushed us from the back. From inside the bus, the bus company dropped us off.

The staff was very helpful. Thank you very much.

Notes on buses

However, only two wheelchairs per bus are allowed on this bus; if there are about three wheelchair users waiting for the bus, one wheelchair user would have to ride the bus that comes later. Please be careful if you are planning to take the bus to Tokyo Big Sight next year or later.

In fact, the bus was so spacious that you would think that it could accommodate up to three wheelchairs….

Hours of operation

Kokusai-Tenjijo Station is a long 7-minute walk to Tokyo Big Sight, and a “free shuttle bus” is available to the East Exhibition Hall of Tokyo Big Sight.

The image is blurry and difficult to see, so I will leave the times in text.

Times when the “Free Shuttle Bus” runs to the East Exhibition Hall at Tokyo Big Sight.

These are the times that the shuttle buses will be in operation during these three days.








■Viston operation will be conducted sequentially starting from “Tokyo Big Sight” during the hours of 15:00 to 17:00.

The last service on 10/5 (Wed.) and 10/6 (Thu.) will be around 16:00.

The last bus on 10/7 (Fri.) will depart from “Tokyo Big Sight” at around 15:00.

*Please note that there may be delays due to weather and traffic conditions. Please note that the last time on 10/7 (Fri.) will be around 15:00.

If you want to stay longer at the venue, you can return home by another means of transportation, or if the weather is fine, you may walk.

Can I get there without taking the bus?

If you do not use the free shuttle bus, it is a 7-minute walk from Kokusai-Tenjijo Station to Tokyo Big Sight.

If you use this route, you can take the Yurikamome and transfer to another station without using the “free shuttle bus”.

There is another pattern of travel route.

● Station ⇒ Shinkiba Station ⇒ Kokusai-Tenjijo Station (Rinkai Line)

Tokyo Big Sight Station (Yurikamome) ⇒ Shinbashi Station ⇒● Station

The dates and times of the events are

Real Exhibition: Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo International Exhibition Center “Tokyo Big Sight” East Halls 1-6

October 5 (Wed.) – 7 (Fri.), 2022 

10:00 – 17:00 (until 16:00 on Friday, October 7 only)

Web Exhibition: September 5, 2022 (Wed.) – September 7, 2022 (Fri.)

Monday, September 5, 2022 10:00 – Monday, November 7, 2022 17:00

*Initially, it was until Monday, November 7, 2022, but you can still see it.


I am sure that they have extended the date for us to see the show.

By the way, you can search “Exhibitors” and “Products” until Friday, March 31, 2023.

This is very nice for those who will be going to the event in the future, those who have disabilities that prevent them from going to the venue, or those who live too far away to see the event.

国際福祉機器展 H.C.R. 2023

I heard that the East Hall will be the venue again next year, so we will be going to the same place.

If you are going to Tokyo Big Sight in the future, I would be happy if you could provide a reference for transportation for people with disabilities or in wheelchairs.

In the next issue, we will show you how to get to the venue from Tokyo Big Sight station.



We have explained how to access the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (Tokyo Big Sight) for people with disabilities and those in wheelchairs. The Web exhibition is also available, so it will be very helpful for those who were not able to visit the exhibition or who were unaware of its existence.


The free shuttle buses only take two wheelchairs per bus due to the time of operation and the fact that only two wheelchairs are allowed per bus, so it would be best to allow extra time in case there are wheelchair users waiting in front of you.


The days to see the Web Exhibition have been extended, so you should also look at the “Exhibitors” and “Products” information.


Comments from those who have actually been to Tokyo Big Sight are very helpful.


Thank you! Please look forward to the next issue, where we will also introduce the route from Tokyo Big Sight Station.


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