WHILL’s electric wheelchairs About the range and battery charging time

WHILL's electric wheelchairs About the range and battery charging time LIFE
WHILL's electric wheelchairs About the range and battery charging time

I’m Usa-chan, the “wheelchair x beauty” funny x model! In DisabilityLog, as a SNS influencer, I hope to provide lots of useful information for people with disabilities. I will also enjoy providing information about beauty, travel, sightseeing, music, photography, and other hobbies.

The International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (HCR) was held at Tokyo Big Sight, and although WHILL was not an exhibitor, I saw WHILL’s “arm cover” that was being offered by a company called “Sinenth” and thought it was very nice with a pattern, so I decided to record it.


In this issue, we would like to introduce WHILL, the newest model of electric wheelchair that you have been wanting to know about.


In this issue, I summarized the “driving range” and “battery charging time” of WHILL Model F and WHILL Model C2, something that wheelchair users are always concerned about.

I also ride an electric wheelchair, and I was wondering which electric wheelchair to choose when purchasing a new wheelchair in the future, “Mr. YAMAHA’s series” or “Mr. WHILL’s series”. So I thought I would summarize the “WHILL” power wheelchair.

In my previous article, I introduced the features and arm covers of each of the two mainstream models, “WHILL Model F” and “WHILL Model C2”.

In this issue, we will introduce “mileage” and “battery charging time”.

ウィル|折りたたみ電動車椅子|WHILL Model F | 次世代型電動車椅子 近距離モビリティ-WHILL公式
電動車椅子の概念を超える、折りたためるモビリティ、WHILL(ウィル) Model F。オンラインサイトでの購入にも、旅先や自宅など好きな場所で受け取れる日額レンタルにも対応しています。


Mileage of WHILL Model F

The WHILL Model F has a maximum driving range of 20 km.

The latest model of electric wheelchair is conveniently foldable.

WHILL electric wheelchair

Incidentally, it can run longer than the WHILL Model C2 that has been out for a long time.

Mileage of WHILL Model C2

The maximum mileage of WHILL Model C2 is 13km.

However, the mileage will vary depending on the operating environment, operating method, and battery condition.

Since it has been out longer than WHILL Model F, it has more colors of arm covers and is more convenient to ride over bumps.

In addition to mileage, other problems with a fast-draining battery

In addition to the mileage, other than the distance traveled, the battery of an electric wheelchair can run down quickly in some cases, such as on a steep hill or, like a smartphone, in a cold place.

Therefore, people who use electric wheelchairs quite often act very concerned about the battery life of their electric wheelchairs depending on the distance they travel and other factors.

We made an appointment in advance with a WHILL dealer to directly experience a test ride and interview them.


WHILL electric wheelchair

I tried to see if I could do it myself at a WHILL dealer. WHILL electric wheelchairs are fully electric, but you can switch from “electric” to “manual” mode by pressing a certain part at the bottom.


If anyone is having trouble with the batteries in their electric wheelchair, I would appreciate it if you could push my wheelchair from behind.

Battery Charging Time

Battery charging time for WHILL Model F

The WHILL Model F battery takes approximately 5 hours to charge when using a standard charger. On the other hand, when a quick charger is used, the battery can be charged to 80% in about 1 hour.

WHILL electric wheelchair

I was very happy to be able to remove the batterie by myself.

Battery Charging Time for WHILL Model C2

Battery charging time for WHILL Model C2 is approximately 6 hours using a standard charger. Quick chargers are not compatible with the WHILL Model C2.

WHILL electric wheelchairs are very convenient to take with you when you travel, because the battery charger can be connected to an electrical outlet at home or at your accommodation.

Recently, WHILL Model can be seen at ANA Haneda Airport and other airports.

WHILL power wheelchair seen at the airport

I have been to a store that sells WHILL electric wheelchairs to see and experience them in person! It’s very convenient that it folds up. I hope that the automatic return service and location information will be available not only at airports, but also at shopping malls, hospitals, etc. â


In the medical field, the shortage of caregivers such as medical workers is expected to be a social problem, and hospital wheelchairs are large and difficult to pedal, making it inconvenient to move around. I think that the automatic locking function and the function to keep track of location information would be useful!


And it’s a great means of transportation for the sick and elderly. I hope it will become more popular.

It is nice that the system can be rented free of charge to those who have difficulty walking due to the long distance, and that it will automatically return to them.

It is now being used not only in Japan but also by users overseas!


Depending on the battery charging time and rest time of the electric wheelchair, I can spend time when I travel and worry about charging time when I am sleeping.

The battery range and charging time of the electric wheelchair battery is better for the WHILL Model F. The other thing is that it can be folded.

On the other hand, the WHILL Model C2, which has been out for a long time, is recommended if you want to get over slightly larger bumps, although the battery range and charging time of the electric wheelchair falls short of the WHILL Model F.

Recently, the service has been expanded to include free rental and return at airports, which is very helpful for people with disabilities, internal disabilities, the elderly, and those with injuries.

I hope it will be expanded to hospitals and shopping malls.

I would be happy to help you with your purchase.

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