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Relax with L’OCCITANE’s room fragrance

We recommend L'OCCITANE room fragrances and bottles and sticks (Provence Aroma Diffuser Refill Relaxing, Diffuser Set, Osmanthus Kinmorisse Eau de Toilette). Come on in and experience some soothing aromatherapy time!

Public transportation for wheelchair users

Many of you may be wondering how people in wheelchairs take into account the morning commute rush, rainy days and other inclement weather, commute times, work hours, and the difficulties they had as students to "choose a job" for those with disabilities related to these issues. We will answer these questions from a person who uses a wheelchair.


This is a space for DisabilityLog members to post their portfolio works (design, video, 3D, NFT, etc.). Illustrations, videos, etc. can be created. If you have any requests, interviews, photo shoots, articles, or wish to purchase, please contact us through the contact form.

Enjoy Shinjuku City with cashless payment!

A campaign for cashless payment savings, "Ganbarou! Shinjuku Support Campaign" campaign. This campaign is only for small and medium-sized businesses and individual stores, so we have investigated what kind of stores are eligible for this campaign.

A slightly different vending machine

Vending machines in the city. Sometimes, people in wheelchairs cannot reach the buttons to purchase vending machines because they are inaccessible to normal people. Recently, vending machines have become more convenient for those who cannot reach them, with electronic money and other convenient features.

Staycation with Chiba Tokutabi Campaign

Chiba Tokubitabi Campaign for a great staycation at a discount price. Here are some tips on how to save money on your hotel stay and the Grand Nikko Tokyo Bay Maihama, where we stayed this time, and the lounge for Nikko floor guests only.

Recommended souvenirs from Umihotaru (Tokyo Bay Aqualine)

Here are my recommended souvenirs purchased at Umihotaru Parking Area's "Uminaka Plaza". I especially recommend the "Pudding Caramelized Baum" as it is a limited product of Umihotaru. The melon baumkuchen from the famous "Sembikiya" in Tokyo is also delicious.

No grip required Stylish and cute plastic bottle opener

"PET Bottle Opener" With this, I don't need to make many fine movements of my fingers, so I don't have to exert much effort. It is very convenient. This time, I would like to introduce a plastic bottle opener product that I use to open the lids of plastic bottles and cans, which I use because I have no grip strength.