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This is a category page about the daily lives of DisabilityLog members.


What is a Help Mark?

Thanks to the red heart and plus symbols that can be seen around town in the form of added priority seating on trains and buses, we now live in an era where people with disabilities and those who need consideration for their invisible suffering can be reached. What is a "help mark?" Let's learn who should be taken into consideration.

What do you do when there is a step in a store you want to enter with a wheelchair?

Do you know what you do when there is a step in a store you want to enter with a wheelchair? Do you just give up because there is a step or because the street is narrow? If you cannot get through a store with a wheelchair, you can ask the store staff to carry your wheelchair for you. Sometimes you can get in by a different route with no steps.

Should I give the 4th dose of corona vaccine (Omicron strain compatible BA.4-5)?

With the infection spreading again, you have started to receive the fourth dose of the corona vaccine (Omicron strain compatible BA.4-5). We will talk about whether you should get the corona vaccine because of the deaths in people with underlying diseases and other cases that have been reported in the news and concerns about adverse reactions.

Introduction of color masks for fashionable women

Autumn is the season of fashion, right? This time, Wheelchair Beauty introduces "fashionable colored masks. Have you ever wondered which masks you see around town? Please try to buy them now because "Amazon Time Sale" is going on.

Why don’t you create a system that allows people in wheelchairs to use JR trains and still get on the train in front of you?

An online petition has been launched to help wheelchair users use JR trains more comfortably. When wheelchair users get on and off the train, they wait at the station or platform until they can contact the drop-off station. We hope that many people will become aware of this reality and that it will be a catalyst for change in society and its mechanisms.

How to apply for the third dose of corona vaccine with proof of vaccination application

One of the conditions for the "Event Wakuwari Passport" and the National Travel Assistance (Nationwide Travel Wari) is that the applicant must have received three doses of the vaccine or be negative by PCR test, etc. Therefore, we would like to introduce how to apply for and register for the new corona vaccination certificate (Vaccine Passport).

Who are priority seats for?

I am sure many of you are familiar with the term "priority seating. There are many places in public transportation such as trains, buses, and shopping centers where seats are available. Do you know who is eligible for priority seating and help marks and what kind of consideration they need?

What do you do when you ride a train, bus or monorail in a wheelchair?

In this article, we explain from the perspective of a wheelchair user how to get on and off trains, buses, and monorails, which are modes of transportation used by many wheelchair users, how to wait for a wheelchair on a train, and how to ride a bus in a wheelchair. Most of the time, you will get on the train after the one you want to get on.

Relax with L’OCCITANE’s room fragrance

We recommend L'OCCITANE room fragrances and bottles and sticks (Provence Aroma Diffuser Refill Relaxing, Diffuser Set, Osmanthus Kinmorisse Eau de Toilette). Come on in and experience some soothing aromatherapy time!

Public transportation for wheelchair users

Many of you may be wondering how people in wheelchairs take into account the morning commute rush, rainy days and other inclement weather, commute times, work hours, and the difficulties they had as students to "choose a job" for those with disabilities related to these issues. We will answer these questions from a person who uses a wheelchair.