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Reasonably priced and delicious Azabujuban Montabou bakery

We introduce you to Azabujuban Montabou bakery, one of the most popular and affordable and tasty bakeries in Kanto. The bakery not only sells bread, but is also open as a café, so you can eat the bread products sold at the store inside. Drinks were also available. A delicious item is the Mentaiko Potato. The soft and fluffy cod roe and potatoes were the perfect texture when eating the freshly made bread.

My favorite drink at Tully’s Coffee

Here are some of our favorite drinks at Tully's Coffee. The menu and specials are also for your reference! My top pick is the Peach Yogurt Sour Cream, which was available seasonally during the spring time. The peach and yogurt flavor was really refreshing and aromatic. The other item is the "Tea Lista Earl Grey Royal," which is also sold in the spring and fall. In winter, it is the Mascarpone Tiramisu Latte. In the past, I enjoyed the "Orange Millefeuille" around the fall in October.

Harry Potter drink at Tully’s Coffee

I tried a Harry Potter "Frozen Milk Tea Trickle Tart" drink at Tully's Coffee. This is a limited edition Harry Potter product for early summer, with an exclusive Harry Potter design. It tastes like a "frozen milk tea" made from "trickle tart (molasses pie)," a traditional English pastry and Harry Potter's favorite food.

500 yen free digital Tully’s card won in the drawing for the “Tully’s Guess Frozen General Election”

I used the 500 yen free digital Tully's card that 1,000 winners won in the "Tully's Guess Frozen General Election" drawing at Tully's Coffee, and here are the winning details and the digital gift card with its photo. The 11 cold "frozen" items on the eligible menu are great for summer. I like the classic "&The Tea Lista Earl Grey Royal" the best. I tried the new "Vanilla Affogato Shake".

How to Use Digital Invitation Tickets for Tully’s Coffee Beans Rewards

This section explains how to use the Tully's Coffee Beans Rewards digital invitation ticket. you can earn Beans points by paying once a day through Roulette or through the daily Tully's Coffee app. there are many different Beans Rewards, but the most common is 10,000. If you accumulate Beans, you can redeem two for one drinks, which is a pretty good deal for a ticket. The half off discount applies to any size you choose, so I purchased the "Tall" size of the OIMO Tea Shake, which is the most expensive.

How to use digital gifts available at Tully’s Coffee from “giftwallet”

I won a drawing from another app and would like to share with you how to use the digital gift from "giftwallet" to use at Tully's Coffee. I won a 200 yen digital gift for Tully's Coffee from an app called "CASHMART. It is very convenient to register "giftwallet" easily from "CASHMART" and add your friend on "LINE", then you can immediately display the digital ticket and use it at the store. There are some caveats to digital gifts.

Introducing Tully’s Coffee Half-Price Drink Tickets for “Coffee Day” savings

Introducing Tully's Coffee's Half-Price Drink Ticket for Coffee Day. Tully's Coffee's "Coffee Day (10/1)" campaign for 3 days only from 9/29 to 10/1, where you can buy coffee beans and get half-price drink tickets for a special price. The coffee beans are "Cafe au Lait Monale"! The coffee I prepared at home, made with milk, sugar, coffee stirrer, etc. was delicious.

Special rotating stand for Francfranc fans for long time use!

Aurora, the very popular Francfranc Francfranc Handy Fan, now with a "rotating stand" from 2023.The Francfranc Francfranc Handy Fan rotating stand will be a great help when you are in the office or teleworking, as you will not be exposed to the wind for long periods of time.USB cable. cable allows you to use it at two angles, 90 and 180 degrees, and you can also charge the battery.

Stylish and cute Francfranc fan

In the middle of summer, you can't do without a hand-held fan. Many people would like to have a fan that is very well designed, stylish and cute to carry around, and can be charged by USB! Just having one at school or at work can be a very fulfilling way to deal with the heat. Let us introduce you to these stylish and cute Francfranc handheld fans.

How to apply for the One-Stop Special Exception for Furusato Tax Payment, which can be completed with a smartphone

Do you know how to apply for the One-Stop Special Exception for Furusato Tax Payment, which can be completed on your smartphone? Before applying for the "One-Stop Special Exception Application" from the application, all you need is your "My Number Card" and its number. After preparing the necessary items, there are two ways to do it from the application, and we explain how to do it for municipalities that support "IAM" and "FURUMADO" and those that do not. Delicious returned goods are also introduced.