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Welcome to DisabilityLog!

DisabilityLog | Information for people with disabilities and caregivers to enjoy together♪
Toward an inclusive society

Blog Concept

Toward an inclusive society with the main theme of “People with Disabilities x Blogs.”

We opened our blog on July 7, 2022.

It is the auspicious day of Tanabata (Star Festival).

DisabilityLog アピールエリア

The name “DisabilityLog” was coined by combining the English words “Disability” and “Blog” to create an easy-to-imagine word.

Finally, a cute logo full of originality has been completed☺

We have written down the details of how the DisabilityLog logo was created.

There is also a secret story about the creation of the logo, so please take a peek ☟

Introduction of various SNS links

As well as the domain name or name of your blog as well as the domain name and name of the blog. @disabilitylog.

I hope you remember me☺

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Instagram, LINE, YouTube, TikTok, NOTE, etc.

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DisabilityLog - にほんブログ村

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We are always thinking about what we can offer that will please you the most.

Meet the members of DisabilityLog

Right now, we have five members!

We operate with Koro, Usa, Riii, Art white, and Naho.

Koro, Director and Designer of DisabilityLog

Koro DisabilityLog Member Self-Introduction

Usa, DisabilityLog’s SNS influencers

Usa DisabilityLog Member Self-Introduction

Riii, DisabilityLog’s planner and web marketer

Riii DisabilityLog Member Self-Introduction

Art white, DisabilityLog’s 3D artist

Art white DisabilityLog Member Self-Introduction

Naho, DisabilityLog’s DEI&B Consultant

Naho DisabilityLog Member Self-Introduction

Operation Policy

To make the world a better place to live for people with disabilities

By the way, there are many blogs in the world run by people with disabilities and those around them who support them.

However, most of them tend to be written by individuals.

If such people could collaborate and consolidate valuable information on disabilities, wouldn’t it be a good tool to learn about the daily lives of people we have not been able to meet until now?

It might help people to think about things from various angles, and this might lead to new discoveries.

The Image We Want to Achieve: Toward a Truly Symbiotic Society

Therefore, DisabilityLog, as a “disability community,” is an information sharing platform that introduces the activities of people with various disabilities, and we would like to create a wonderful and comfortable space where you can expand your activities.

In the future, if we can provide information that is useful to many people, and if we can create opportunities for many people to get involved with people with disabilities, we will be closer to our ideal of a “symbiotic society“.

What we want to communicate

We hope that DisabilityLog will be an opportunity for people to think about and learn about this.

Therefore, we, the members of DisabilityLog We hope that we can all transmit the following

  • We would like to transmit the daily life and thoughts of people with disabilities.
  • We want to let people who are watching us know the thoughts and realizations of spending time with people with disabilities, as seen by the people around them, such as family members, friends, and people at work who support people with disabilities. 
  • I want to change the image that people with disabilities are unhappy or that it is difficult through my blog.
  • I want to create an opportunity for people to look back on their own thoughts through blogging and think, I used to think this way.

What we would like to accomplish

Here are four things we hope to accomplish by disseminating the above

  • I would like to keep it as a tool to reflect on my thoughts and as a reminder.
  • I want to develop my writing skills so that I can write attractive sentences.
  • I want to be able to communicate anything about my daily life as it is and how I feel.
  • I would like to try collaborating with a wide variety of people, including organizations run by people with disabilities, individuals with disabilities, and interviews with able-bodied people who support them.

We hope you now have a better understanding of what DisabilityLog aims to achieve, what it communicates, and what it means to start an organization.

We’d be happy if you share our vision, even if just a little!

Dreams to be fulfilled

It is also the catchphrase of DisabilityLog “Toward an inclusive society”.

We hope that DisabilityLog will help people to think about and learn about this page. We hope that the DisabilityLog will be an opportunity for people to think about and learn about this.

Like a piece of rice falling from a shelf May you be unexpectedly lucky…✨🎋🌠


Bizi Office

We are going to enjoy and update our blog and website.

Bizi Office

This is the blog of Mr. “Paka” who works for a railroad company.
He provides detailed information on the practical use of Microsoft365 (Edge, Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Forms, Power Apps, Power Automate, etc.) for business people. The presentation details the practical use of the following tools: OneNote, SharePoint, Forms, Power Apps, Power Automate, and more.

We are in the same industry, so he has been a great help to us in our work.


Rehab App

Rehab App Rehab Appli Introduction Blog
Rehab App Rehab Appli Introduction Blog
Rehab App

Speech Language Pathologist (ST), “Taa”, is introducing an app that can be used in rehabilitation. He introduces an application that can be used in rehabilitation.

To create a good rehabilitation experience for patients. developed by a trainer specializing in rehabilitation.

The apps are explained in an easy-to-understand manner, including how to use them.

(*Applications for higher brain functions, dysarthria, dysphagia, etc.)


Care Tasukeru

Care Tasukeru
Care Tasukeru

“Care Tasukeru”, currently one of the largest media outlets for the nursing care industry in Japan.They contacted us because they were impressed with the readability and content of our articles.We are very honored to be associated with an outside media outlet through DisabilityLog’s activities!

“Care Tasukeru” provides a lot of useful information and forms for home-visit care, day-care, and other services provided by “ProSupport,” the largest agency in Japan that handles “acquisition” and “operation” of the additional fee for specified business facilities.

Please click on the link below to visit “Care Tasukeru”!

けあタスケル | 訪問介護、通所介護などのお役立ち情報・書式が満載

For those who are concerned

And we’d love to feature you on our articles and blogs!

If you’d like to be featured on DisabilityLog, let us know!


↑We look forward to hearing from you☺

What’s New

Thank you for reading to the end.

We look forward to seeing you again.

DisabilityLog | Information for people with disabilities and caregivers to enjoy together♪
Toward an inclusive society

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Thank you for your continued support of DisabilityLog

July 7, 2022

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