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Complete Guide to TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba Store!

Truffles are popular at TRUFFLE mini JR Chiba, a take-out specialty store where you can enjoy white truffle salt bread and other delicious breads. The store has a great atmosphere and the staff is known for their excellent customer service. Conveniently accessible, this store is the perfect place for lunch or souvenirs in Chiba.

H.C.R. Products Yamaha Electric Wheelchair Color caps,Spoke Covers

There was an event held at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight, and I would like to introduce the color of the color caps for Yamaha's JWX-1PLUS+ electric wheelchair, as well as the patterns and prices of the spoke covers. What color color caps for electric wheelchairs should I get? I would be happy if this could be a reference for those who are wondering such things as "What color is best for my electric wheelchair?

H.C.R. Products About YAMAHA About Electric Wheelchairs

When it comes to electric wheelchairs, everyone knows about Yamaha's electric wheelchairs. This time, we summarized the introduction of YAMAHA's simple electric wheelchair products at an event held at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition. I'm also interested in the requirements and prices for supplying batteries and electric wheelchairs. You can also find out about the uses of the spoke covers and other products.

Tokyo Big Sight Recommended Restaurants

Many of you may have visited Tokyo Big Sight for various workshops. In this issue, we would like to introduce some highly recommended and delicious restaurants in Tokyo Big Sight that you should definitely visit to commemorate your visit. We recommend these restaurants for lunch or dinner at Tokyo Big Sight, as well as places to eat for a date or a girls' night out.