Introduction of fashionable shoes that can be worn even with short leg orthotics

Introduction of fashionable shoes that can be worn even with short leg orthotics LIFE
Introduction of fashionable shoes that can be worn even with short leg orthotics

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One person with a foot disability commented, “I want to know what shoes I can wear even if I wear short leg braces!” I want to know what kind of shoes I can wear even if I have short leg orthotics!

For these people and their families, we would like to introduce some fashionable shoes that can be worn even with short leg orthotics.


If you have orthotics on your feet, you may have a lot of trouble finding shoes.


It really bothers me. I understand how people feel when they have trouble finding shoes, because I had knee braces when I was little, but not leg braces.

What is a short leg orthosis?

These orthotics are used to limit the movement of the ankle joints and to treat immobilization, swaying, and contractures.

They are also used to prevent the ankle from swaying from side to side when standing (posture retention) or falling (fall prevention) due to lack of strength in the toes, etc. of the foot due to paralysis of the brain or foot from some cause, such as one-legged paralysis.

It is constructed from the lower leg to the foot. A “shoehorn type with fittings” is one in which the plastic is on the posterior aspect of the lower leg. A fitting is attached between the calf to ankle area and the foot area.

Introduction of fashionable shoes that can be worn even with short leg orthotics

What is the order in which short leg braces should be put on?

Sit down on a chair or other surface and insert the heel of the brace into the back of the brace properly.

Order of belt tightening

 Ankle joint belt

 Belt at the toes

 Belts below the knees

Tighten the belts in the following order.

Where is it purchased?

These include hospitals and stores that sell short leg orthotics on the internet and social networking sites.

Some of you may want to know what kind of store names are available on the Internet, so we would be happy if you could refer to them.

We have found a website that explains in detail the process of making the orthosis.

【リハセンナレッジ】下肢装具を新しく作る/作り替える|ニュース | <公式>脳梗塞リハビリセンター


For children’s shoes, I think shoes called “Epid” are fashionable.

I heard that they make shoes that are custom-made to fit you.

オーダーメイド装具、福祉用品、モノづくりのEPID ホームページへようこそ。EPID は”十人十色”を意味し、お客様一人ひとりと向き合いそれぞれの方にフィッ トした商品・サービスを提供してまいります。


There were short leg orthotics of various colors and shapes.

株式会社COLABO(コラボ) | 株式会社COLABO(コラボ)は、治療や福祉を通して、生活や人の尊厳、生き方を支える足立区の義肢装具の製作所です。

The Tamarack AFO is a fun patterned short leg orthosis.

There were also several other types of belts with shoes.

Drop foot orthosis, drop foot orthosis, orthotic light balance, hemiparesis stroke shoes for walking (M – left foot)

Brace orthotic splints, adjustable drop foot orthotics stability support pads

Wearing these orthotics will help relieve pain and relieve pressure during the day and night

Ankle Foot Orthosis, Ankle Foot Orthosis Support, AFO Brace Lower Foot Orthosis Stroke Hemiplegia Rehabilitation Equipment Foot Medial Foot Orthosis Shoes, for Men and Women

Some of you wear these kinds of braces.

Gate Solutions

Gait analysis” analyzes the way people walk based on objective evaluation.

The Gait Solution is a new concept orthosis that was developed based on the results of gait analysis of hemiplegics, with the goal of controlling the movement of the lower limbs during walking and walking more naturally.

下肢装具用油圧式足継手ゲイトソリューション 人間の歩き方を客観的な評価をふまえて分析する「歩行分析」。 ゲイトソリューションは100名以上の片麻痺者の歩行分析の結果に基づいて開発されました。 この装具は歩行中の下肢の動きをコントロールして、より自然に歩くことを目的に誕生した新しい概念の装具です。

There were orthotics designed by Gait Solutions, plastic orthotics, orthotics with metal posts, and many other types of orthotics.

manaolana (Euterpe oleracea)

It is a shoe and clothing store created by a hemiplegic and orthotic user.

accessory | Mana'olana Select Shop powered by BASE

There are no products on display, but I look forward to seeing them when they are available in the future.

Stylish shoes that can be matched with orthotics – Mana’olana

『障害あっても、おしゃれに。』新宿マルイでセレクトショップ | PT-OT-ST.NET

The buckle with a built-in magnet can be securely fastened with a single touch, making these shoes not only fashionable but also fully functional and convenient for those with hand disabilities.

I understand that the LUYL select store was held for a limited time in the Shinjuku Marui B1F space.

care shoes

Cast shoes, one foot, both left and right, 20-30cm, adjustable, nursing shoes, crutches, rehabilitation, cast shoes, shoes, cover (23.5cm)

(Nursing care shoes with Velcro tape, easy to put on and take off, fall-resistant specification, mesh material, soft, indoor, rehabilitation, in-hospital, post-surgery, checked pattern (23cm, gray)

I appreciate that they are ctape, and shoes that open wide when opened are important enough to be a deciding factor for those who wear orthotics or have a limp.

They were checkered and also available in pink.

hip prosthesis

In addition to foot orthotics, some people with hip disabilities may need “hip orthotics” as well.

xinwoer, FTVOGUE Hip joint orthosis, arthritis support, hip joint orthosis support hip joint protective fixation device postoperative orthosis

Other types of orthotics

This section mainly introduces short-limb orthoses, but there are orthoses that can be worn elsewhere as well, so here is a general introduction.

There are a variety of orthotics in the medical field, some of which are related to the lower extremity (foot area).

For example, the following lower extremity related orthotics are available

  1. Casts used to treat leg fractures and sprains: These orthotics are used to immobilize a broken leg and aid in healing.
  2. Knee support braces: These braces are used to assist and support the knee in the event of a knee injury or disease that causes loss of stability.
  3. Ankle support orthotics: used to treat ankle sprains and injuries and to stabilize the ankle.
  4. Lower leg (shin) orthotics: are orthotics used to assist and support muscle and joint problems in the lower leg.

I don’t know when I’m going to have a disability in my leg, but if you’re interested, it’s easier to take action when the situation arises.


There are various cases, such as when a patient had an accident, a sudden worsening of a medical condition, or an operation.


Thanks for sharing all of this with us. That’s very helpful.


You’re welcome. If you didn’t know, I hope you learned about the various orthotics available today. I hope it will be helpful to those who wear orthotics and their families.

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