Women’s sneakers with a nice one-pointed design

Women's sneakers with a nice one-pointed design LIFE
Women's sneakers with a nice one-pointed design

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The best women’s sneakers for women that are casual and perfect for any season are Le Coq Sportif, Nike, Puma, and New Vans Lite.

Recently, we have seen many shoes that are sneakers but with a high height, or with a nice design and pastel colors.


Thanks for all the great shoes and sandals. Your articles are very informative for people with and without disabilities.


You’re welcome. I’m glad to let you know that there are various kinds of shoes.

This time, I’d like to introduce you to some women’s sneakers with a nice “one-pointed design.

Please refer to the previous article introducing “New Balance” and “Diana” sneakers and athletic shoes.

●What are fashionable sneakers and athletic shoes?

Below you will find past shoe articles that have been posted.

Le Coq Sportif

Sneakers famous for their sports brand-like design that flaps its wings like a bird

le coq sportif [ルコックスポルティフ]オフィシャルサイト
le coq sportif オフィシャルサイト.1882年,フランスで創業のスポーツウェアのルコックスポルティフは世界中から長く愛用されるブランドです.スポーツブランドが考える健康的でアクティブなライフスタイルを提案します.公式の最新情報と新商品をいち早くお届けします

Le coq Sportif sneakers

Sneakers with a one of a kind bird pattern are too nice!

It also looks kind of foreign with the French flag on it, doesn’t it?

Also, the construction prevents them from getting wet even when it rains, so when it rains on your trip

[Le cocq Sportif] Sneakers Rain and Sun Segur 3 Wide Rain Deodorant Waterproof Lightweight Women’s WS (QL3VJC08WS) 23.5 cm

Perfect for sports and other activities!

[Le coq Sportif] Sneakers Segur III Wide Deodorant Lightweight Thin Sole Easy To Wear Women Black (QL3VJC07BK) 24.5 cm

It looks like they are sneakers of past designs or they are cheaper.


One-pointed shoes that look like flying cats

Le Coq Sportif and Puma sneakers

There are sneakers in various colors to choose from!

Women’s RS-X Preppy Sneaker

【PUMA公式】ウィメンズ RS-X プレッピー スニーカー

Too cute pastel-colored sneakers ♡ That color is only available for a limited time.

I was surprised that they don’t look like Puma at all!

The colors are PUMA White-Warm White-Pearl Pink

The sneakers are available in sizes 22-26cm.

[Puma] Sneakers Athletic Shoes Flex Renew Slip-On 371951 [Amazon.co.jp Limited Color Available] Spring/Summer 23 Color Black White (01) 24.0 cm

[Puma] Sneakers Court Shoes Athletic Shoes Breakpoint VULC BG Women’s Spring/Summer 23 Color White White (02) 25.0 cm

I understand that Puma sells not only shoes but also clothing.


Cool “Nike” sneakers with a checkered pattern.

Nike. Just Do It. Nike.com (JP)
Nike, New Vans Lite sneakers

There are many colors to choose from, perfect for finding your favorite shoes!

[Nike] COURT VISION LO NN W COURT VISION LO NN White/Pink DH3158-102 24.0cm Nike Japan Official

[Nike] Women’s AIRMAX EXCEE W AIRMAX EXCEE White/Silver CD5432-121 Japan Domestic Official 23.0cm

New Van’s Light

Vans Light” series, lightweight and cushioned with less pain when worn

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The sole, which is usually made of rubber, is composed of lightweight material, and the “EVA cup insole” provides elasticity and comfort.

Vans Vans Sneakers Slip-on SLIPON Men’s Old School OLD SKOOL 24.5cm (USsize:6.5) [Parallel Import]

VANS Vans Old School Sneakers Vans Thick Soled OLD SKOOL PLATFORM Black Black VN0A3B3UY28 US4.5-22.5 [Parallel Import]

Unfortunately, the sizes in the stores start at 23cm, so there are no shoes in my perfect size.

However, I found some online stores that carry shoes from 22cm or 22.5cm.

ABC Mart Shoe Store

We sell sneakers and women’s shoes with great points.

It seems that if you download the official ABC-MART app, you can get a 500 yen coupon!

And if it’s during the current July period, you can buy them at a discount with the Summer Bargain.

Please take this opportunity to visit the shoe store.

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