Should I give the 4th dose of corona vaccine (Omicron strain compatible BA.4-5)?

Should I give the 4th dose of corona vaccine (Omicron strain compatible BA.4-5) LIFE
Should I give the 4th dose of corona vaccine (Omicron strain compatible BA.4-5)

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In Japan, the re-emergence of a new type of coronavirus (Omicron strain) has caused a rapid spread of infection.

You have begun to administer additional inoculations of the “new corona vaccine.”

In winter, it is easy to catch a cold and catch an infectious disease even if you take measures against infection.

I was vaccinated against Omicron strain corresponding BA.4-5 before going on a trip to another prefecture in the future because I have a disability that puts me in the category of being prone to serious illness when infected with the virus.

4th corona vaccination

Why additional vaccines?

This is because I am severely disabled and have actually had a difficult time since February 2020, when I experienced difficulty breathing when exposed to infectious diseases and other viruses.

This is partly because the vaccine is more effective in preventing serious illness and the onset of the disease, rather than being infected with corona and suffering from severe illness and sequelae.

Effects of Vaccine

Because it is a bivalent vaccine, it is said to react to a variety of new coronaviruses.

New Corona Vaccine Immunization Instructions

As the postcard explains, “With two different antigens, the immunity induced is also expected to respond to a greater variety of new coronaviruses. Therefore, it is expected to be more likely to be effective against future mutant strains.” This means.

I made an appointment for vaccination at a small clinic near the station in the “individual vaccination” slot.

target group

▷Pfizer’s Omicron strain-competent bivalent vaccine: for persons 12 years of age and older.

▷Moderna’s omicron strain-compatible bivalent vaccine: for persons 18 years of age and older.

▷Takeda’s (Novavax) conventional vaccine (monovalent): for persons 18 years of age and older.

Please make your own decision based on your understanding of the effectiveness of the vaccination in preventing infection and risks such as adverse reactions. You need to give your consent to receive the vaccination, so it’s not mandatory.

I chose the Pfizer vaccine, which has low adverse reactions.

How to make a reservation

Fourth dose of corona vaccination

Prepare the vaccination ticket

Prepare the envelope received from the city.

Reserve an inoculation site

I received a postcard for vaccination corresponding to the Omicron strain, so I made a reservation through the QR code.

personal effects

・Vaccination Coupon

・Pre-medical checkup sheet (two sheets of paper. (2 copies of the preliminary checkup sheet, so that there are no omissions)

・Identification documents (My number, disability certificate, driver’s license, etc.)

※Please make sure to come to the vaccination center on the reserved date.

In principle, those who are 15 years old or younger on the day of the vaccination must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

When receiving the vaccination, please be sure to bring the “New-type coronavirus vaccination ticket for the person to be vaccinated” and the “preliminary checkup sheet” as well as “identification documents (such as the insured person’s health insurance card that verifies the name, etc.)”.

Please wear clothing that is comfortable to show your shoulders, as the vaccination is given on the second arm.

The venue on the day of the event

It was crowded, but since the day and time were by appointment only, I was shown right away.

I was given a preliminary medical exam form, told the doctor my name, and was taken to one room after another without showing any identification documents, especially when I was supposed to show them. Is that okay? lol.

The injection took about 10 seconds and was over in a flash.

As expected, the medical personnel are professionals at giving injections.

We were provided with a 15-minute timer loaner and a free medication called “Kalonal”.

Some venues were kind enough to provide medication, but some were not, so if you are worried about adverse reactions, you might want to go to a local pharmacy and buy Tylenol, an antipyretic and pain reliever that contains the same ingredients as “Kalonal”.

New corona vaccination certificate for app.

I renewed and registered my 4th vaccination certificate through an app on my smart phone.

adverse reaction

The first and second vaccines may have been fake, and the third and later were the real thing.

I don’t know if vaccines made overseas in less than a year are suitable for Japanese people.

Or maybe I was still in a state of pain myself at the time of the first and second vaccines, so the vaccine might have been effective and I might have harmed myself.


Symptoms within 1 day of corona vaccination are

We had a conversation about corona vaccination with our disability.


How did you feel about being vaccinated this time?


I was lucky that I didn’t have any serious adverse reactions, just a little chest pain at the injection site and a little pain in my chest.


That’s good to hear. That’s a relief. I was wondering if it would be better for me to get the corona vaccine because I too have a disability. I saw on the news that some people with underlying medical conditions have died after receiving the corona vaccine.


The cases of people dying after corona vaccination are really scary. I took a medication called “coronal” because my arm started hurting 5 hours after I got the shot that day.

After that, I didn’t take any medication and had no severe pain, just a little chest pain. I didn’t have any severe pain, just a little bit. If you are worried, be sure to take the medicine.


I see. Thanks for the information,Usa-chan.

Things you should have

・Jelly (nutritional drink)


When you cannot eat well, get a headache, or feel chills and start to feel sick, I recommend that you swallow easily.

I bought the jelly the day before.

Vaccination Period

According to the city website, the Corona vaccination period is

(2023) until Friday, March 31, 2023.

How long is the vaccine free?

As with the initial vaccination, the additional vaccinations will also be free of charge, as they will be fully paid for by the public.

It is said that there will be a charge for vaccines in the future, but will that really happen?

I don’t know if the vaccine has improved with each vaccination or if I have developed antibodies, but I feel that the adverse reactions have become lighter.

Also, there is a free vaccination period, so I wanted to take the vaccination while it was free, and I took it during the free period because the coronavirus was back in vogue and I was traveling outside the prefecture.

This is a summary of the process and my impression of the 4th corona vaccination.

I would be happy if it would be helpful for those who are wondering whether or not to give the 4th corona vaccine (Omicron strain corresponding BA.4-5).


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