A collection of recommended sweets for White Day

A collection of recommended sweets for White Day LIFE
A collection of recommended sweets for White Day

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What kind of sweets should I give back on White Day?


Nasan, have you ever wondered what it means when you give a gift of candy in return for White Day?

If you have arrived here, you are probably troubled by questions.

Ranking of popular sweets that girls would be happy to receive for White Day

I have ranked the sweets I was happy to receive.

  • No. 1 Cookies
  • No. 2 Chocolate
  • No. 3 Macarons

One of the most common items we have received so far is “cookies.
It is such a standard item.

Frederic Blondiel



La maison du chocolat


I’ve never gotten macarons for White Day, so different picture.


However, my family gave it to me as a gift from France!

Just recently, another brand of pastry store opened nearby and I would like to purchase it someday.

Recommended sweets for White Day and their meanings

By the way, do you know which sweets are recommended for White Day and what they mean?

If you choose them at random, you might embarrass your partner.

recommended snacks

Cookies: good friend relationship

They are meant to say, “Let’s be friends.” The crispy texture of cookies has become a standard return gift for friends because of their lightness and dry image. For this reason, cookies are suitable as a return gift for giri chocolates.

芦屋 洋菓子アンリ・シャルパンティエ(HENRI CHARPENTIER)の公式通販サイトです。税込¥6,480以上ご購入で送料無料!フィナンシェやクッキー、お取り寄せケーキなど、ギフトに最適な洋菓子を取り揃えております。

Henri Charpentier

Fashionable, flavorful, unique, and authentic. 9 kinds of bite-sized cookies.

Product namePrice
Petit Ta Petit S-Box 26 pieces1,296 yen
Petit Ta Petit M Box, 44 pieces2,160 yen

It was moist and delicious.

It made me feel like I was in France.

Madeleines: I want to deepen our relationship

Madeleines are sweets with a shellfish motif. The two overlapping shells have been treated as a good-luck charm, symbolizing a marriage and marital bliss. Therefore, madeleines with perfectly matched shells represent an amicable relationship, and are said to express the desire to get along and build a good relationship.

Henri Charpentier

Product namePrice
Petit Gateau Assorti 8 pieces702 yen
【Henri Charpentier】Gâteau Cuits Assort S-Box1,944 yen

【アンリ・シャルパンティエ/シーキューブ/カサネオ 公式通販】|洋菓子シュゼットの通販サイト
洋菓子シュゼットの通販サイト芦屋 洋菓子アンリ・シャルパンティエ(HENRI CHARPENTIER)の公式通販サイトです。フィナンシェ、マドレーヌ、クッキーやお取り寄せケーキなど、ギフトに最適な洋菓子を取り揃え芦屋 洋菓子アンリ・シャルパンティエ(HENRI CHARPENTIER)の公式通販サイトです。フィナンシェ...

They have renewed their popular baked sweets with cute bite-sized pieces.

The madeleines and the lovely fenancier were very colorful, with a variety of flavors to choose from.

Fenancier: no special meaning

Financier is another White Day gift that is not considered to carry any special meaning. However, the name “financier” is French for “rich,” so it is a confectionery that is appreciated as an auspicious gift.

Henri Charpentier

Product namePrice
Product namePrice Strawberry financier 5 pieces <Spring limited package>1,080 yen

A financier using seasonal strawberries, available only in spring.

Strawberry lovers will love it.

The spring pink color is so pretty that it is recommended as a spring gift for White Day, graduation and entrance events, etc.

Macarons: Special Person

Macarons have the meaning of “for those who are specially important to you. They are considered to be luxurious, eaten only on special occasions, and the time and effort involved in making them.

Pierre Hermé Paris

Product namePrice
Pierre Hermé White Day 2021 6 macaroons, cute, return gift2,862 yen

The pattern of the boxes seems to vary from year to year.

I think I will like all the boxes very much.

Chocolates: giving back just the way you feel

Chocolates contain the meaning of “I feel the same as you” or “Let’s keep the same relationship as before. The meaning of chocolate originated from the idea of giving back the same chocolate that you received on Valentine’s Day.

Godiva is famous for its chocolate candies.


2024 ゴディバ ホワイトデー コレクション
公式オンラインショップならではの豊富な品揃え/のし対応などギフトシーンにも対応。 話題の新着商品・期間限定商品・人気の定番商品など、様々なラインナップをご提供。2024 ゴディバ ホワイトデー コレクション:

Product namePrice
Godiva Cafe G Cube Assortment Mini Heart Tin of 51,242 yen
Godiva Caffe Assortment (6 pieces)2,376 yen

The heart can container is adorable. It will be very appreciated for its cuteness!

Godiva Cafe Collection is an assortment of chocolates that express the world of Godiva Cafe’s sweets and drinks. The soothing packaging is the best, with teacups, flowers, and other items that evoke happy times at a cafe. It is recommended as a gift for White Day.

Baumkuchen: May your happiness last long!

The baumkuchen is made by baking layers and layers of dough to create a unique pattern that resembles the annual rings of a tree, and the layers are meant to symbolize the overlapping of happiness and wishes for long-lasting happiness.
Godiva Baumkuchen Au Cherry Blossom Mini ¥864 (tax included)

Product namePrice
Baumkuchen Au Cherry Blossom Mini864 yen

Cute cherry blossom-colored baumkuchen that looks like spring

Slightly different sweets


I would be happy to receive some unusual candy.


What is a slightly different kind of candy? Many of you may be wondering, “What is a little bit different candy?

We will answer such questions by introducing our products.


Matcha lovers would be very happy to receive matcha sweets!

I would be very happy with something like Godiva’s matcha sponge cake.

Product namePrice
Castella au green tea (5 pieces)1,944 yen
Castella au chocolat (5 pieces)1,944 yen

Chocolates were also available.

Fluffy and looks very tasty!


Speaking of rusks, Gatofesta Harada is famous for its rusks. A treat for the Great Lady… ♪

ラスク/グーテ・デ・ロワ|ガトーフェスタハラダ オンラインショップ
ガトーフェスタハラダ オンラインショップグーテ・デ・ロワページです。ガトーラスク グーテ・デ・ロワをはじめ、人気の焼き菓子や一部の店舗でしか買えない限定商品も販売しております。群馬県の工場から出来たてを直送いたします。

Product namePrice
Gatofesta Harada Rusk [Limited Edition] Goutte des Rois Premium Noisettes
White Day Petit Bag 3 kinds in 1 box
900 yen
Rusk Gateaufesta Harada Goutte des Rois Simplified Large Bag R6 King’s Snack 
2 pieces x 13 bags (26 pieces)
1,080 yen
Rusk Gateaufesta Harada Goutte des Rois Simple Bag R7 2 pieces x 8 bags (16 pieces)691 yen


With White Day just a few days away, we have selected a selection of brand-name sweets.


It’s great that you know so many different brands of candy makers! I want all of them! I guess each candy you give has its own meaning.


Yes, yes. It actually has a meaning. I’ve included a link to the homepage of the brand name of the confectionery, in case some of you don’t know about it. You can also buy them on the Internet from Amazon, Rakuten, etc., so please take a look at the ranking of the sweets that girls want.

Please also read our article on Valentine’s Day candy.


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